Babymoon vacation packages

Here’s an article on some different babymoon packages. To me the packages seem like a waste. Sure expecting moms will appreciate the “pregnancy massage”, which I would call a prenatal massage. However that should be available in most any spa. Some packages come with a book on parenting, a baby photo album, or a gift mailed when the baby arrives. These are all nice ideas but why pay extra for them?

If it were me, and as I’ve said before it probably won’t be me babymooning, I would just head to Scottsdale, Arizona and go to one of the spas there. I can pick out my own photo albums…

This article from the Boston Globe lists some vacation deals and includes a Maple Sugar package in Loews Hotel Vogue Montreal and a Vermont Chocolate Show package in Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa. Both of those sound cooler to me than any of the plain babymoon packages which seem like little more than an overpriced hotel room, a “free” massage, and a “free” gift.

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  1. Traveling Woman says:


    Next time you are pregnant, let us know. Seems to me, as a man reviewing babymoon packages, you might not be the most qualified to do so.

  2. James Trotta says:

    You’re right. I’ll never be pregnant. But I do choose my own photo albums and I know that if a vacation package offered me a free photo album I’d consider it a waste, babymoon, honeymoon, petmoon, or whatever.

    But I can’t speak for anyone else. So if any mothers out there want to recommend a babymoon package then please do leave a comment. I’ll never be qualified…

  3. Ian says:

    Well how about this… just save the money so that you will have something to spend when the baby comes out or buy things for the baby. Traveling is perfect and it really makes us relax, and enjoy like but please don’t make pregnancy the reason for it.

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