Bartending School for overseas bartender jobs

Not long ago, Sharon wrote about tending bar and traveling overseas for work. I tried that with no bartending experience and never got to the interview stage. Anyway, that leads us to…

Question: I’m thinking about doing a 1 week course for 700$ to get my Bartender’s certificate. They say I would make my money back in a few shifts, but I have no idea. I would do this as a summer job and possibly back at college if an opportunity arises. Maybe work under the table doing a semester abroad or something. Anyone have experience bartending? I could use any advice I can get.

Answer 1: I bartended forever and not once was i ever asked if i had my license. Its all about the experience. Best place to start is a restaurant or party house. They are more likely to hire and train inexperienced bartenders. Or just start out as a bar-back and work your way up. Save yourself the monty unless the guarantee placement.

Answer 2: Bartending for Dummies is about $4 on Amazon.

Answer 3: You don’t need a license or anything but it’s fun! And a great place to meet hot girls. I mean cool people. I had a lot of fun taking a cheezy bartending class one law school summer and did get work after that… but I only did a few months between semesters before I got tired of it. More importantly, I met one of the hottest girls I ever hooked up with at bartending school.

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  1. Rhonda Peterson says:

    James, your a teacher aren’t you? Wouldn’t this be stepping down a bit for you? Your informative, knowledgable, and educated. People look up to you. The only ones who look up to bartenders are the ones that need a stiffer drink! No one else really notices them.

    Go up with your career, not down.

  2. James Trotta says:

    This question does not belong to me – it was a reader submission. I applied for a bartending job back when I was 22 or so – the James Joyce Bar in Vienna if I remember correctly. Never got to the interview stage so I guess it wasn’t meant to be…

    Having said that, I don’t want to say that bartending is a step down from teaching. I actually know a teacher who recently opened up a bar and says he’s happy with the choice. I wouldn’t say I look up to the guy but he says he’s happier now and I have to respect that.

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