Best cities for holiday season travel? Any thoughts on Chicago?

Just curious where you want to travel for Christmas or that time of year. I’ve done New York City, Seoul, and Munich for Christmas.

Munich, with it’s Christmas Market, would have to be my favorite. I’ve been looking at the possibility of returning to Europe to see a different Christmas market one day.

New York would have to be next. Rockefeller Center is pretty and there are lots of other things too. It definitely gets more crowded than Munich though.

Seoul is more crowded still, and the attractions aren’t nearly as good if you ask me. Department stores will have some lights that can be kind of pretty.

What started all this in case you’re curious was a press release from the city of Chicago. They have too many events to list here, but some sound quite nice:

Millennium Park: Caroling at Cloud Gate

November 25 through December 16 – Fridays

Chicagoans and visitors alike are invited to Cloud Gate in Millennium Park to hear the beautiful voices of different Chicago choral groups and participate in a holiday sing-along at 6pm. After the holiday sing-along, everyone is encouraged to skate at Millennium Park’s McCormick Tribune Ice Rink.

While others might be awesome but could also be horrible and totally lacking in authenticity. I guess I’d have to see it to know:

Daley Plaza: Christkindlmarket Chicago

November 23 through December 24

Experience a traditional German Christmas inspired by the famous Nuremberg Christmas market dating back to 1545. Visitors will find Chicago’s iconic Picasso sculpture surrounded by red and white crested huts glowing with warmth and overflowing with curios. Daley Plaza is transformed at this outdoor market offering exquisite handmade gifts, unique ornaments and German delicacies like brats, goulash, potato pancakes, cookies and Gluhwein (a warm spiced wine).

But anyway, where do you want to visit for the holiday season?

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  1. Julie says:

    I would love to travel to Europe and see all the Christmas markets via a river cruise during the holidays. Since that won’t be happening this year, I’m planning on visiting some German towns in the St. Louis area putting on their own markets. Being a St. Louis native I’ve had a lot of friends and family visit Chicago for Christmas and they all love it.

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