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I use a Bank of America Norwegian Cruise credit card (used to be MBNA) that gives me 3 points per $100 spent. When I get 500 points I get a $500 NCL gift certificate type thing. I can also get a room upgrade for 100 points. It’s actually time for me to start thinking of what to do with my points (I’m close to 500 and have 16 months before they begin expiring) so I might be blogging about NCL cruises more often soon…

Anyway, here’s an article on travel rewards credit cards. They mention Capital One No Hassle Rewards, Chase Freedom, Citi Premier Pass, Discover Open Road, Miles by Discover.

Does anyone have one of the cards mentioned here or another travel rewards card they’d like to tell us about?

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  1. Glenn Brunskill says:

    I use the Capital One card, and have for years. Although they have gotten progressively stingier over time, I still like it for ease of redemption for miles. All one needs to do is go to the special redemption website after an airline ticket purchase posts to one’s account, and it automatically finds the ticket purchases. The credit appears on the next statement.

  2. ray anderson says:

    Does the Norwegian Cruise Credit work with discounted cruises, or only full price ones?

  3. litetraveler says:

    I like British Air (unfortunately now a part of Chase Card Services). I just got back from a free business class trip to Netherlands. The new planes have the seats where you can lie down flat and their service and food are fantastic. The down side is that they charged fuel charges which were about $350 but still not bad for a business class RT ticket.

  4. DJ says:

    We use National City First Air Visa and have enjoyed the rewards. If you book your own air travel and save money you are rewarded by not using as many points. You just tell Visa that the charge on your card is for air fare and they credit your account for the amount of the tickets and deduct the points depending on what you charged. We use Southwest a lot and it is easy to use the points and still save….plus you get to double dip. We use to pay a yearly charge but after asking them to drop the charge the card has been free.

  5. Ron says:

    All depends how much you spend typically as far as generating points/miles et al. To me, a slam-dunk is when the sign-up bonus is already a free ticket or close to one (that tops off existing miles that would rot and expire). United offers 25k miles via Chase, Amex coaxes up to 17k-20k…no annual fee the 1st year. Yeah it’s not perfect creditwise to get for a year but instead of the proverbial beach towel or tote bag, a $500 RT (as I got to my destination via my Chase United card) justfied the means.

  6. Peter says:

    american express starwood is great for getting free rooms at top notch hotels, W, Westin, Sheraton, 4 points, luxury collection. i spent 5 nights for free at the W time square over new years this year.

  7. James Trotta says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone! Ray, I’m not sure if it works with discounted cruises on NCL or not. I might have to book through NCL to redeem the 500 gift certificate or get the room upgrade. But maybe I could use expedia or travelocity or whoever (not that I ever plan to use those guys).

    I do know that if I pay for an NCL cruise with my Norwegian card, I get extra points (maybe double).

  8. KATHI says:

    I have to share with you the great deal my husband received in the mail from Jet Blue, American Express. I was going to toss, but when I read that he could get 30,000 points if he signed on with No annual fee, I had to call to find out the rest of the details. The result is that if you spend $1000 on this card, they redeem you with $400 towards your travel vacation. It just so happened we had to pay the rest of our cruise on NCL, Spirit and now we will get this extra amount off the trip. I thought booking all our cruises through the site was such a great deal as always, but now we get this added bonus. I just had to pass this astounding info. on to everyone. Unless the offer is sent to you, you do not get the large amount of points, but the points will add up for every 7500 of them you get. $100 off for that amount. Instead of getting nothing, we are amazed and wish we had applied for this card alot sooner. Try it.

  9. John says:

    Anyone have any interest in selling their NCL travel credits if they are transferable?

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  11. James Trotta says:

    My travel agent told me that the name on the rewards must be the name going on the cruise so I don’t think the points can be moved.

    All I did was call up to redeem, they sent me the certificates, I signed them and sent them to my travel agent, the travel agent took care of the rest. If I had booked online I don’t know if it would have been possible to redeem the reward certificates.

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