Best Western customer care responds but falls a bit short (so far)

A week or so ago I wrote to Best Western customer service complaining about their Malte Opera Paris hotel. I got an automated response saying the hotel had up to 7 days to respond.

Considering that management at the hotel refused to speak to me, I guess it’s not much of a surprise that they refused to respond to Best Western corporate. So I got an email today apologizing that hotel management would not respond to my complaint and offering me a 30 euro Best Western travel card.

Considering that the hotel manager refused to speak to me and now refuses to speak to best Western corporate I must say I was expecting more. I replied:

I appreciate the gesture Chad, but I’m afraid that a 30 euro travel card is not satisfactory, not at all satisfactory considering we were charged 126 euros for breakfast over the course of our 5 night stay. To make up for the bad information and the inexcusable refusal of management to meet with me to correct the situation, I feel that charge needs to be credited to my Visa. If not, I will certainly be contacting my credit card company, travel troubleshooters, and every consumer protection agency I can find in Europe and America.

Furthermore, it is no surprise that the hotel’s management team did not respond. They refused to speak with me while I was at the hotel and they continue to refuse to deal with the problem. If Best Western allows this poor customer service, then I can not consider any Best Western hotels in the future and will also have to recommend that my readers on also avoid Best Western in addition to people reading comments on, and so on.

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  1. M.A.P. says:

    I had a couple of problems with the Best Western at the San Juan PR airport. I have been stopping there for several years waiting my next day connection. Each year their FREE breakfast has gotten worse. This year it was oatmeal, softboiled eggs and packaged muffins. Even tho I have made a comment each year I have never gotten a respond. How sad.

    Also this year….I had a problem with the cable stations on TV. One that I was watching switched over to Spanish from English. Another one was frozen with no sound. Only other stations in English was CNN and the Weather Channel. Oh and a Reality Sation. I talked to two employees at the reception desk and they told me that they could not do anything about either one of my concerns. Next year maybe I will fly through Barbadous to get to St. Vincent.

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