Best Western customer service fails to make up for the horrid customer service at Best Western Malte Opera Paris hotel

It seems to me that Best Western allows its hotels to get away with lying to customers in order to overcharge them and then ignoring them.

You may remember the problem I had with Best Western Malte Opera in Paris. They told me that breakfast was included and then when I checked out told me they’d be charging me 126 euros for the breakfasts. When I explained that front desk staff told me breakfast was included, I was told that even if they made a mistake only the manager could fix it. When I asked to speak to the manager, I was told that would be impossible.

I complained to Best Western customer care who gave the Malte Opera hotel 1 week to respond. The hotel did not so Best Western corporate offered me a 30 euro travel card good at Best Western hotels.

I told them this would not be nearly enough when I have $186 charged to my credit card (which I never authorized or signed for) and that if the charge was not removed I would contest the charge, contact travel trouble shooters, and leave negative reviews on various sites (starting with my own of course). I’d also have no use for the travel card since I’d never stay at another Best Western property if the brand allows its hotels to treat customers the way I was treated and get away with it.

They replied by asking for an itemized bill with the breakfast charges. This bill does not exist so far as I know and certainly the hotel never gave me one. A few emails later I sent Best Western customer care my credit card statement which shows the charge. They said they couldn’t find it.

I politely replied: It’s right there, item 27 on the list. I also thanked them for looking into the case and let them know I appreciated the time they were spending on me. But I also said that I would need the charge taken care of as soon as possible or I’d have to contact my credit card company.

I don’t know if they ever found the charge or even looked at my credit card statement but they just replied that they were offering me the same old 30 euro travel card. I waited 2 weeks and sent 7 or 8 emails (getting replies from at least 3 different people) for zero progress.

It’s a little hard to believe that they wasted so much of my time. I proved that the hotel had charged me all this money which is exactly what customer relations asked me to do. Why did they bother asking me to supply evidence if they weren’t going to use it? Why do they allow their hotel to get away with this. Hotel management should deal with the problem instead of running away from it. And since they failed, corporate should deal with the problem.

So now I contact the credit card company. I never signed off on the charges but hotels always ask for a card to cover any extras. Do credit card companies take the hotel’s word for it when they say so and so used the mini bar or damaged the room or whatever?

I also contact any travel trouble shooters I can find. And I start leaving negative reviews on websites like mine, (where I made the reservation),, and so on.

I’ve been traveling for a few years and have stayed in a number of hotels. I can say that this is easily the worst customer service (especially from the Best Western Malte Opera hotel but Best Western customer care also proved to be pretty useless) I’ve ever experienced.

Well there is a possible exception from when I was in Assisi back in 2001 but that’s a story for another day.

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  1. stlmermaid says:

    You did everything a consumer should do to get this resolved. Best Western will lose thousands of dollars in unbooked potential business from your postings on multiple sites. I will not do business with a company that treats their customers with so little regard. Thanks for sharing your experience. Goodbye Best Western!

  2. Mia says:

    If Best Western can not fix their mistake and make their customers happy, they DO NOT deserve more customers.

    As I work in the travel business I would never recommend the Best Western to my clients. In fact, I should tell them to avoid Best Western.

    Best Western, It’s your loss!!!

  3. Joni says:

    We stayed at Best Western in Santa Cruz, CA in 2005. My son’s brand-new Adidas sandals were stolen from our room. We contacted the management, but of course no one admitted anything, although one dweeb suggested that we use the in-room safe. (Why didn’t I think of that? Surely we could have fit ALL our belongings into that one-foot-square box!) Bottom line: I will never stay at a Best Western again.

  4. Missy says:

    That’s good info to know…sorry you had to experience that. We are always looking for a new/different place to stay in Paris – have not stayed at Best Western…and now definitely won’t even consider them!

  5. Arthur Finn says:

    Stayed @ Best Western Opera Richepanse in Oct. 2009. A 4 star hotel near Madelaine.. $ star in price and location only. No concierge, no knowledgeable people. No class. I believe that BW hotels are all franchises,privately owned. In effect part pf a community reservation service like Holiday Inn etc. You are on strong ground since you did not authorize or sign for those charges. Keep after your credit card company. This is why I always use AMEX for hotel and restaurant purchases.

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