Black Rubber Shoes, Zibe, Su Norebang in Hongdae

We met some friends in Hongdae for my friend’s last night in Korea. Our little group consisted of my wife and I, my friend from New York celebrating his last night in Korea, and 4 female friends.

First we went to Black Rubber Shoes or Gum Jung Go Moo Shin in Korean. This is an old-fashioned place that’s always crowded. Some of us were drinking soju and some of were drinking dong dong ju, Korean rice wine. Two of our friends left, leaving us with 5 people.

Then we went to Zibe, a fun bar. Here your group will get a private little area (made private by see-through curtains) where you basically sit or lie or whatever on mattresses. It’s pretty comfy. They also have a very shallow pool so you can drink while letting your feet soak in the water.

After that a couple more people left; it was just me, my friend from New York, and a young woman. We went to a nightclub. There was a line to get in, but it moved quickly. They didn’t seem too worried about waiting for people to leave before letting more people in.

Sadly I was the only one with money left, so I paid the 15,000 won cover for all three of us. That 15,000 gets you a drink, but reaching the bar isn’t easy. My Korean friend pushed and shoved her way to the bar so we could get our drinks. In New York there would have been a fight.

They ditched me to go dance so I spent the next couple hours wandering around the nightclub, observing, trying not to look like the old, married guy I am.

The club kept getting more and more crowded. The later it got, the more men shuffled in. Because it was quite hot and crowded, it got to the point where no matter where I went I’d be pressed up against sweaty guys.

There was one room, where I could stand without getting touched by sweaty men, but that was the room with hoses hanging down from ceiling. It was very very wet in that room.

At 3:00 AM I tried looking for my friend to let him know I was leaving. The club was way too crowded to find anyone. Walking around the club was such slow going that people behind you tried to help out by pushing you in the back. Walking became a shoving match between all the sweaty men.

I took a taxi home without ever letting my friend know I was leaving. I felt a little bad about ditching him, but didn’t really have much choice. And he did ditch me first. I quickly wrote a speech for work the following day and got to bed around 6:00 AM.

My friend found his way back to my house around 11:00 AM Saturday morning and started packing. We took him to the airport bus stop around 1:00 and said good bye. Then it was time for me to go to work – our graduate school’s opening ceremony was at 2:00 PM. I had to stifle a few yawns as I sat through the other speeches, but my own speech seemed to go over well enough.

All in all we had an excellent time with a nice variety of museums, singing rooms, bars, a palace, a temple, a mall, some great food, some acupuncture, and the DMZ.

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  1. Miranda says:

    at least u got home safe.

  2. MikeHu says:

    I went to Su Norebang about 2 weeks ago for the first time. We went there because it was a ‘must go there at least once’ for people that hang out in Hongde. It was kinda wierd because we got the room with the huge window, where everyone can watch you sing. Thank goodness they couldn’t hear me sing. Next time I head over to Hongde, I’ll probably try out the Vibe bar. By the way, watch out for that dong dong ju. I drank so much because it tastes so good and I nearly died the next day from the hangover.

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