Blood Ties: TV show set in Toronto

I’m just wondering if anyone here has seen a TV show called Blood Ties? My wife and I got season 1 for Christmas and finished the DVDs a couple of weeks ago. It’s a detective / vampire / supernatural magic show set in Toronto.

I thought that was interesting because I can’t think of any other TV show I’ve seen set in Toronto. Seems like 50% are in New York, and then you got a few in DC, Miami, Vegas, or out in California somewhere. Then you’ve got ones set somewhere that’s either fictional or if it is actually a town it never seemed important enough to even wonder if it was real, much less try to visit. I’m thinking specifically of TrueBlood, another vampire TV series though without the detective angle. That one is set in Bon Temps Louisiana.

Anyhow I was thinking I might be bale to fly from Seoul to Toronto and then from Toronto to JFK. This way I get to see friends and family in New York but also see Toronto. I did find a site that seems to specialize in airline tickets for flights departing from Canada.

I was afraid that this might be an expensive idea but it seems that we’re talking about a flight just under 2 hours and the price is not too scary. I found this one in August: $228.44 + $100.19 taxes = $328.63 per person.

That’s real money but not enough to make me abandon the idea… Interestingly I only remember two blog entries that talk about Toronto, the shopping travel plan and a brief mention of a Nuit Blanche art show.

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