Boeing 787 and every new model plane unreliable?

Interesting article here about Boeing 787 Dreamliner problems in general and Norwegian Air’s recent issues with Boeing quality control in particular.

Personally, there’s one quote in there from Andrew Thomas that kind of scares me: “the magnitude, scale, and scope of the supply chain involved; the number of parts and systems; and the just-in-time nature of the manufacturing process guarantees that, like almost every other human endeavor, there will be imperfections and errors.”

Well remind me not to fly on any new model airplanes!

I also have to wonder why airlines line up to order the newer models. Norwegian Air is leasing planes from Airbus when the new Boeing’s break down. I’m not business expert, but that doesn’t sound efficient. And it doesn’t sound like the airlines should be surprised either, if Boeing’s chief project engineer Mike Sinnett is telling it true: “The performance of both of these airplanes — the 787 and the 777 — has been better than any other new large wide-bodies that were introduced into the world’s fleets.”

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