Book review: Grayton Beach Affair

The following is not a travel book in a strict sense but like many novels it does include an element of travel. Since they were kind enough to send me a review copy I figured I’d post s short review. Maybe it’s the kind of book some of you are looking for.

Book review: Grayton Beach Affair

This novel by James Harvey tells of a love that begins during World War II on Florida’s Gulf Coast, where an American-educated German has infiltrated the little town of Grayton Beach. He meets a teacher trying to recover from the death of her fiance at Pearl Harbor. Their affair lasts only days, but as the war continues, they cannot forget.

As this tale unfolds, we get a sense of life in the South during World War II and how espionage brought the war to our shores. Besides the romantic relationship between spy & teacher, the sub plots explore other relationships of the times – employer and domestic, white & black, police & citizen, womanizer & women, spy & soldier.

The author weaves a fine tale, and gives you much to think about. Grayton Beach Affair is a little shy of the ‘can’t put it down’ category, but is still a good read. At 14.95 it’s not cheap, however.

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