Book review: No More Heroes by Henry Biernacki

This was an interesting book for me to try to review because it ends up as a travel story but starts off as something totally different.

It actually starts off with the author, Henry Biernacki, meeting a much older woman who has some terminal illness. At least it seems to be based on the author’s life even though the book is written in the third person as if it were a work of fiction.

The author and the old woman share life philosophies and things. Personally, I wasn’t in the mood for philosophy and I found this part pretty boring. After reading the first few chapters – most are extremely short, I skipped most of the book and picked up when the author travels to Nepal with his older friend’s ashes. Here the travel story gets interesting.

The author writes about traveling in Nepal so that those of us who haven’t been can get a pretty good sense of the place. He also writes about an encounter with a Taiwanese tourist who is a less experienced traveler and who the author tries not to help. And then tries to help. And since the people you meet on your travels should be part of a travel story, that becomes a welcome addition to the story.

I understand from reading other reviews that during the section of the book I skipped, the author talked about his travels all over the world. I can’t comment on those travel stories at all – I’ve already given the book to a student since I am moving from Korea to America and have to trim my book collection.

What I can say is that if the Nepal travel story is something you think you’d be very interested in, you should consider this book. If you happen to be looking for some philosophical thoughts on life and a Nepal travel story, you should really consider this book. Personally, I wouldn’t have found the hardcover to be a good value since I ended up skipping so much of the story.

One other thing to note is that the book is self-published and I certainly noticed some grammar things or typos that probably would have been caught by a professional editor.

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