Book review: The Privileged Pooch; Luxury Travel With Your Pet In Southern California

I’ve read the first section of The Privileged Pooch; Luxury Travel With Your Pet In Southern California, which is on luxury pet friendly hotels, restaurants, and places to see / go in San Diego. Other chapters follow the same format for Palm Springs, Orange County (2 parts), Los Angeles (5 parts), and Santa Barbara / Ojai.

Fun dog travel pictures from the book, the Privileged Pooch, by Maggie Espinosa.

Basically, The Privileged Pooch; Luxury Travel With Your Pet In Southern California is 200 pages of reference / travel guidebook for dog travel in the places mentioned above. The focus is on luxury travel – the hotels section especially is not for the budget traveler. The restaurants are also on the expensive side but the activities often apply to everyone, not just the luxury travelers the book aims to serve. And it is mostly for dogs – I didn’t see cats mentioned much.

As you might imagine for a niche book with no competition (so far as I know) if you are taking your dog on vacation in Southern California or if you live in the area and want to go to restaurants and such with your dog, this book is basically a must-have as your only option for a guide book.

If you’re a dog lover that lives elsewhere (like me), than this is a fun book that will make you smile at some of the indulgences certain places offer dogs. And it might even help you start planning a trip with your dog to Southern California. I don’t plan on reading the book cover to cover – it is a reference book. But my wife and I had some fun as I shared interesting pictures and bits of information. Like, did you know that NY Jets football player Ladanian Tomlinson has a doggy daycare / retreat in San Diego? Or that dog massage specialists charge $130/hour?

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  1. Sharon says:

    Californians love their cars and spoil their dogs. When we lived in Palos Verdes for a year,Gizmo, our Shih-Tzu, was totally spoiled with a monthly spa pampering. This included a whirlpool bath, massage, an hour relaxation, the cutest teddy bear haircut, red plaid bows and neckerchief, and painted toenails (which my son didn’t like)! When I picked him up, he had adopted a snobby don’t touch me attitude; he was a celebrity! But, it was well worth the $75.

  2. taylor logan-smith says:

    depending on where you plan to travel in So.Cal really depends on how they will treat and behave with your dog. Upscale places in like LA/San Diego are pretty anti-animal and goes for the same for countless beaches in the area as well. Santa Barbara is a pet friendly town I found and the beaches are as well as long as you are environmentally friendly and pick up after your animal! I recently just got back from Santa Barbara actually and I stayed at the Sandman Inn ( Really inexpensive and it was very pet friendly! Loved it!

  3. Autumn says:

    That is one privileged pooch!! My dogs love going to Santa Barbara as they have some great dog beaches and are incredibly pet friendly unlike a lot of cities in California. So I would have to agree with the comment above 100%! Hendry’s is a great time and your pouchy is bound to love it just as much as you are! The Sandman Inn ( is a great place for both of you to stay since it is so nice and close to the beach and did I mention CHEAP!

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