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From what I understand the writer of this article has been living in Brazil for a while. I thought this was interesting because I mentioned recently that a friend and I might start a travel business where we do tours of Brazil’s less touristy (not Rio) carnavals.

Now I’ve never been to Brazil but I have a friend who has lived in Brazil for 5 or so years who would be designing the tours. He speaks Portuguese and answers all my questions about Brazil. However, for those of you who want to know something about Brazil and don’t know where to ask – follow the link at the end of the article for a Q&A with the author.

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  1. jimmy kramer says:

    how safe is there for americans and what type of visa do I need, if I want to stay longer than 90 days, is it hard to rent an apartment

    thank you

    jimmy 12-3-07

  2. James Trotta says:

    I won’t try to answer the visa question or the apartment one as I just don’t know. But the safety issue of course is something my friend and I have certainly talked about.

    Brazil has something of a bad reputation for being dangerous. That makes having a local tour guide – especially when getting off the beaten track – a great comfort. A local person will know what everyone knows about their hometown. We all know where not to walk alone at night or whatever in our home cities. In a foreign country you might rely on a guide book or an actual guide for that information.

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