Briefly, two articles you may want to read

I’m leaving for my cruise tomorrow morning so I will keep this very very brief.

I did want to link to an article or two though. This one talks about swine flu and the travel industry. At least one company is hurting as a result.

Here’s a vacation idea for a girl’s getaway.

My next blog entry will be made from the cruise ship.

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  1. Paul says:

    Are you on the cruise to critisize or to have fun? With the lot of people ? Get off it mom and Dad? and the children? who’s doing the complaining? Here”s my side of that cruise taken a few years ago with only my wife who isn’t a complainer. Fiest of all we are residents of Mass.just north of Boston. within the hour we left for our trip we were on board the Majesty and on vacation. voila no long waits in a plain terminal or a flight to get to the gangplank, it was instant gratification. Food was excelent the nightly entertainment was great,qaand to be in only St. George instead of going from one port to another was comforting. I know there are larger ships with endless things to do for all ages and I don”t knock them, and I will never forget our cruise as being one of pleasurable memories, so quit complaining ,enjoy yourself

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