BRX Explore 19 from Briggs & Riley review

I promised a review a couple of days ago when I mentioned the packing tips so here is a preliminary review!

I sent it on a weekend trip with my parents (who were going to an antique car show a few hours away) and the bag passed this test perfectly. The next step is to see if it survives a flight from JFK which boasts the roughest luggage handlers in the world. At least that’s what a JAL (if I remember correctly) person told me as they were giving us some money to pay for our damaged luggage after a flight from JFK.

Anyway, indications so far are that this BRX Explore luggage will survive. The bag turns real nice (my mom says it’s the best rolling bag she’s ever tried), but the wheels don’t swivel so it can’t do a 360.

It looks sharp too:

It also comes in gray and tan but the blue matches this 1955 Nash.

The Explore 19 sells here for $260. I did search and check out about 5 other sites – the price was always exactly the same. I don’t think I can compare that and determine the value but I know I have a lot of luggage pieces that haven’t lasted so if this one does I guess it’s worth the money.

And if it doesn’t the warranty seems about as good as it gets:

If your Briggs & Riley bag is ever broken or damaged, even if it was caused by an airline, we will repair it free of charge. Simple as that!

Just call your nearest Authorized Repair Center, no repair number is needed. You can find an Authorized Repair Center here on our website. Please note that you are responsible for any freight charges incurred when shipping your bag to a repair center.

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  1. Pieternel says:

    Hi james,

    What with the stricter regulations about check-in luggage, I think it’s interesting to know the weight of the empty luggage! I bought new samsonites who weight about 5 pounds when empty, and when real fully packed they are 23 kg = 50 pounds, just the amount that’s still (mostly) free!!

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