Call for papers: Council on the Global Integration of Healthcare

I think I like that a volunteer non-profit (the Council on the Global Integration of Healthcare) is trying to do something to improve the quality of workers we get in the medical tourism sector. And I understand that volunteer organizations will often suffer from too few resources. In the case of the Council on the Global Integration of Healthcare that seems to mean that they don’t have anyone to design the courses they want to offer to professionals in the medical tourism business.

That’s where any professional travel planners might benefit:

In preparation for CGIH’s Medical Travel Facilitator I Certification, we are seeking the assistance of our travel planners community members to author the following study guides, pre-test and final exams for the following self-directed courses:

Course Description

TRA0010 Basic Travel Planning for Medical Travelers

TRA0200 Understanding Travel Service Terminology

TRA0020 Medical Travel Facilitators and Travel Agents: Role Differentiation

TRA0030 World Geography Refresher

TRA0100 Understanding Customs and Visa Requirements

TRA0110 Introduction to International Airline Reservations

TRA0120 Introduction to International Connections for Medical Travelers

TRA0130 Introduction to Hotel Accommodation Reservations

TRA0140 Introduction to Ground Transfer Arrangements

TRA0150 Counseling Clients about Trip Interruptions and Lost Baggage

TRA0160 Introduction to Destination Management Services

TRA0170 The Role of the Medical Concierge

TRA0180 Travel Planning for Clients with Special Dietary Restrictions

TRA0190 Travel Planning for Clients with Mobility Impairments

TRA0210 Travel Planning for Clients with Visual Impairments

TRA0220 Travel Planning for Clients with Hearing Impairments

So if you want to do some volunteer travel writing, specifically course design you should check out this opportunity. There are also sections on law and things less relevant to this blog than travel planning. Here is the open call for papers.

The one thing I’m not so sure about is how they’re going to end up with a good course – I mean this is supposed to lead to a “Medical Travel Facilitator I Certification” sort of a medical tourism travel agent I guess. I’m a little surprised that they don’t already have standards for each course’s evaluation and experts in mind to write each of these courses. I do hope their courses turn out to be excellent.

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