Call for papers: Educational Travel conference in Estonia

Part of my job is to speak at conferences and publish papers. I normally stick to TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) conferences but this title seemed like it might be a good one for me: Educational Travel – Expanding Horizons. It will be held at Tallinn University, Estonia, 19th to 21st of August 2011.

At first I thought I might interview some students who traveled to do volunteer work. You may, for example, remember this story of a young woman who had a remarkable experience in Nepal.

That seemed like a pretty good match to one of the main conference themes:

Conference Theme:

Educational Travel is undertaken for a wide variety of purposes and includes both formal and informal experiential learning. It includes, but is not limited to, travel aimed at:

-Satisfying curiosity regarding people, language and culture

-Stimulating interest in art, music, heritage and folklore

-Inspiring concern for the natural environment and geological features

-Deepening the fascination with cultural heritage and historic places

Speakers will address key issues relating to Educational Travel from a range of academic, public policy and operational perspectives. The conference sub-themes provide a coherent logic to the proceedings yet are diverse enough to allow for the articulation of a wide range of perspectives which it is hoped will result in lively debate and provide new insights into the production processed and consumption practice of Educational Travel.

Abstracts are invited on the following sub-themes:

-Educational Travel and Community Development

-Educational Travel and Dark Tourism

-Educational Travel and Destination Marketing

-Educational Travel and Environment

-Educational Travel and Ethics

-Educational Travel and Senior Tourism

-Educational Travel and Heritage

-Educational Travel and Mobility

-Educational Travel and Pilgrimage

-Educational Travel and Social Media

-Educational Travel and Transformation

-Educational Travel and Travel Writing

-Educational Travel and Volunteering

In the end I stuck with what I know better (teaching travel writing to non-native English speakers).

If you’d like to speak at the conference you can submit your abstract online. Please contact Dr. William Feighery at for further information on the conference or if you have any queries with regard to paper submissions/themes.

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