Can Best Western customer relations suceed where staff and management at Best Western Malte Opera failed?

So I just contacted Best Western customer relations regarding my stay at Best Western Malte Opera (review coming soon) in Paris. The story should be evident from the complaint I submitted and have copied below in case you’re curious.

I would have written more but they limit how much you can submit:

Our first night at the hotel, front desk staff told us that breakfast was included. We did not question this because the gentleman working the front desk made a show of looking up our reservation.

When we checked out, we were told we would be charged for breakfast. We explained that we had been told otherwise but front desk staff said they had to charge my credit card, that only the manager could straighten out the charges.

We asked to speak to the manager but this request was denied. Front desk staff would not even call the manager.

It is possible that front desk staff made an honest mistake when telling my wife and I that breakfast was included. However, if it were an honest mistake we would expect the hotel to fix it (by removing the 126 euro charge).

The fact that management at Best Western Malte Opera is unwilling to speak with us indicates terrible customer service. It also makes us suspicious that we have been scammed; it’s too “convenient” that the hotel’s “mistake” is impossible to fix.

I’m curious to see if and how they respond. My hope is that they get this taken care of so that one more blog entry finishes the story. Otherwise you may get to see an ongoing drama: me vs. Best Western Hotel Malte Opera…

So far I have received a noreply email saying that I should be patient. To their credit there is a phone number for those who need immediate attention. I’ll call it if I have to but there’s no toll-free number from Korea so I’ll wait and see if they respond via email for now.

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  1. Martin says:

    That is awful customer service! Not only should they give you a free breakfast, they should also give you a free night’s stay.

  2. Sharon says:

    I knew Paris was expensive, but 126 euros for breakfast is outrageous. Isn’t that about $180 U.S….wow!

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