Capital One Venture Rewards card special offer

Every once in a while I blog about travel credit cards. Or Sharon does it for me. And even when I’m not bloging about them, I am using them to rack up airline miles and such.

Here’s a new offer that gets you a reward based on what you spent last year (and rewards going forward of course).

The “Double Miles Challenge” is worth up to $1,000 as a statement credit toward any travel-related expense. You have to show them you spent $50,000 on a competing card in 2011 – then your reward is 100,000 miles, which would be worth a $1,000 credit on a travel expense.

I don’t think I spent nearly that much and whatever I did spend was either on a Korean credit card (Korean Air rewards card from a Korean bank) or my Capital One card (not Venture Rewards). I don’t know if either of these would count so I might be calling them up one day soon (the offer does expire May 1 or after they give away a billion miles).

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