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This article talks about how relatively few Australians buy carbon credits to offset pollution from flying. I know I consider myself environmentally conscious, but I’ve never bought a carbon credit. Have you?

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  1. S. D. Box says:

    I love to travel and have subscriptions to numerous travel guides and magazines as well as online blogs such as this. Can someone please tell me why the Enviro-quasi-religious green movement has so infected one of my favorite hobbies? I dont really want the Catholic, Muslim, Baptist, etc., view to traveling and I dont really care for this nonsense either. If you believe it, great for you, keep it to yourself or others that believe as you do. Why this constant drum banging of “green crap” is being allowed to run amoc is amazing. In decade or so your all gonna feel rather foolish.

    Can we get some reliable and useful TRAVEL info?

  2. James Trotta says:

    I don’t get it. How is eco-friendly travel going to do any of the things you mention SD?

    How is eco-friendly travel like religious travel?

    How is eco-friendly travel “infecting” your favorit hobby?

    How is eco-friendly travel going to make anyone feel foolish 10 years from now?

    As for useful travel info, I’m pretty sure we do have some of that around here somewhere…

  3. Linda Bator says:

    Carbon offsetting allows you to make a difference to the future of travel – something you claim to enjoy. The only way you can possibly feel foolish 10 years from now, is when the impact of our choices destroys the very areas we wish to see. That’s why making eco-friendly choices now ensures a future for travel for everyone.

  4. bob says:

    Respondng to Jim Trotta, why would you even think to consider buying a offset? It’s an Enron trading scheme that in years ahead will bring laughter at cocktail parties that people were stupid enough to believe that what they exhale with EVERY breath (carbon dixoxide) could be believed to be pollution. As temps have stayed even for the past 10 years and will see them trend down, maybe this silly modelled sceanario will finally be seen as phoney science. Stop drinking “the kool aide” and investigate the real science that refutes this nonsense.

  5. S. D. Box says:

    Mr. Trotta,

    I have effectively had to stop reading and canceling almost all of my travel mag’s (as well as home improvement) due to this fanatical eco-green garbage. Surely there are living “green” magazines out there for those who wish to be green. Why do we have to infect a travel magazine or blog with it? In answer to your questions I offer the following:

    1. It is like religious travel from the perspective that one must believe in it based solely on faith with absolutely no scientific facts to back it up. Dont get me wrong, I’m not bashing those of faith, but I appreciate the fact that my travel and home improvement mag’s are not filled with their preachings. Its like asking for a book on how to install a dishwasher and being handed King James’ version of doing it.

    2. See #1.

    3. In the 70’s it was commonly thought that we were on the brink of catastrophic global cooling. Some predictions were so dire that we should all be frozen solid by now. Had you been around in the mid 1600’s you would have absolutely been much colder than you are now. Point in case, the earth’s climate changes, and for no good reason that we can determine. In a decade or so when it is decided once again that it is “cooling” again are you going to fill my travel magazine with offset incentives to jet around as much as humanly possible in order to warm things up a bit? I bet not.

  6. RJ says:

    Carbon Credits is simply a 21st century example of P.T. Barnum’s dictim that there’s a sucker born every minute.

  7. James Trotta says:

    To answer the question, “…are you going to fill my travel magazine with offset incentives to jet around as much as humanly possible in order to warm things up a bit?”

    I try not to judge people much or tell them what to do much. But if something like was in the news I would absolutely link to it from my blog and ask for comments.

    Now as I said before, I’ve never bought a carbon credit. I have, however, been to an eco-lodge and volunteered to work on nature trails. I’ll never force anyone else to do that and to be honest I don’t do much of it myself.

    And I’m not convinced that we have to accept that traveling damages the environment based on faith alone. But I’m a linguist so this is not really me field.

  8. travelfan says:

    As with most things, follow the money. Al Gore is going to make a pile of $$$ off of this carbon credit crap.

    I agree with S.D. Box, I resent non-travel related green/religious/political items popping into travel magazines, travel blogs, travel Web sites, etc.

    For those of you who want to build trails, etc. then I’m sure there are eco-travel sites for you to enjoy. Don’t force the rest of us to have to endure your guilt. I take care of my little world and expect others to do the same with theirs.

    You eco-challenged people need to be talking to the Chinese….have you seen the smog expected to be there for the Olympics?

  9. James Trotta says:

    Well I have no doubt that someone is making money off of carbon credits. I don’t really care if it’s Al Gore or someone else because I’m not buying them.

    Anyway, I’m not sure much more needs to be said here unless someone wants to defend buying carbon credits or share their experience buying them.

  10. Frank says:

    Talk about a waste of time and money and effort… how about the black hoards that are destroying America? Go ahead… leave your soft warm house tonight around 1am and drive through your downtown… good luck. Fuck Carbon Credits.

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