Caribbean honeymoon during hurricane season? Advice needed.

Happy 2011 everyone! I thought we’d start off the new year by helping some newlyweds plan their honeymoon.

Reader question: I am getting married late August 2011 and planning on taking the honeymoon within a month or two after. As of right now I am leaning towards St. Lucia and a few other Caribbean islands, however my fear is obviously hurricane season. Has anyone traveled to the Caribbean in Sept/Oct with success?

I am also open to other options. Before they are suggested, I am not interested in going to Europe. I know many have suggested Greece but she doesn’t want to go there and I am not crazy about it either.

I am open to going somewhere in the South Pacific, but I am concerned about how long it takes to get there and flight cost. We are registering our honeymoon, but I can’t be completely reckless with the destination.

I’d say #1 is beaches and the hotel itself. History is something I can take or leave and I know she can care less so i’d say its not a priority. We are both laid back, like the sun, nice beaches, snorkeling/water sports. We don’t get too crazy partywise but it would be nice to have that option (she doesn’t drink much but probably will on a couple nights). Price range is probably about $5-$8k tops.

My answer: That’s a healthy budget that should be able to get you wherever you want to go. Basically, it boils down to your risk aversion. If you want a safe bet with beautiful beaches and a ton of activities, Hawaii isn’t a bad option. Also, Tahiti, Fiji and the rest of the South Pacific are viable destinations. Bora Bora is beautiful, but its a nasty trip out. Any of these places are not subject to hurricane season and will mostly have stable (and beautiful) weather. That time of year is actually the best to visit Hawaii.

If you want to roll the bones, although I haven’t been there, I’ve heard nothing but good things about St. Lucia. That said, you very well could spend your honeymoon in a hurricane. If you wanted to wait, your probably safe heading down to that area in December. And again, its the rainy season, so expect to lose at least one day to heavy rains.

You may be fine in September / October or you may be dealing with a tropical storm that ruins the trip, especially depending on which island you go to. Its impossible for anyone to really relay anything beyond the fact that you may be fine or you may experience terrible weather. Even without a storm, it is still the rainy season and you will encounter heavy rains in most places in the Caribbean. Also, St. Lucia just got wrecked in a storm and is still cleaning up – most hotels are not impacted, but the island has been getting beaten up with storms in recent years. If you plan to do something in the Caribbean that time of year, just get the travel insuarance.

Please leave a comment if you can add anything helpful.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Hurricanes are certainly unpredictable in the Caribbean. On the safe side, I would recommend Aruba, with little risk of being hit by a storm or having much rain. You should find plenty of water sports, great snorkeling, beautiful water, etc. Not a lot of beaches, but none better than here! I grew up there, but it has changed considerably with tourism and I’m sure it is more congested than I remember. However, not more so than Hawaii, or more expensive either. Friendly people and wonderful weather if you like the sun. A former classmate goes there frequently, and owns several timeshares, if you’re interested.

  2. Rhonda Peterson says:

    Dear Honeymooners…It sounds like you have your heart set on the Caribean. Have you considered a cruise? One thing is a definate…. the cruise companies, even though they say they would never risk taking a ship into a hurricane, because of endangering lives….it is more about endangering the billion dollar ship and loosing the billions of future revinue. So they watch the storms very closely on radar and ALWAYS go around them…. and never into them. They have someone on the bridge 24/7…. so they are never taken by suprise.

    So if you like the Caribean, and beaches…. drinks, warm weather….. being catered to…. look into a suite on a cruise ship.

    Try to pick the center of the ship. (Middle from top to bottom, and middle from front to back.) You will have the best chances of not getting sea sick. There is the least rocking from side to side or front to back, in that section. Oh, and don’t stare at the waves if you have a balcony room. Look out at the horizon.

    Anyway, congratulations and have fun no matter where you pick!

  3. Steve says:

    We went to Cat Island, Bahamas for our honeymoon in October 2004. That was one of the worst years for hurricanes in recent memory, and in the runup to our honeymoon friends were teasing us that our resort wasn’t going to be standing when we got there. It was, but three medium hurricanes had passed through and the island was a ghost town and we were the only guests at the resort. What the island still had plenty of was mosquitoes and we stayed inside most of the time due to the swarms. It was nice to be alone on a secluded beach and to have the full attention of the staff, but I would say skip anyplace in the hurricane zone. Your honeymoon is not something you should be gambling with. Hawaii is a nice choice.

  4. JR says:

    If you really want to do the Caribbean, I second the cruise option. They will avoid anything dangerous. We did two great southern Caribbean cruises for our honymoon and 1yr anniversary in late October/early November. The anniversary trip was in November and it was a little rainy but still great!

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