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Here’s a neat article on which Caribbean Islands are best for certain types of travelers.

According to the Scotsman, families should consider Aruba because of its family friendly activities. It’s also well-covered in this blog with an entry on the best restaurants in Aruba and another on some Aruba resorts & hotels (including timeshares).

Anguilla is the best Caribbean island for food lovers. I don’t have anything for you here, but the article will recommend a hotel that grows its own vegetables. That doesn’t excite me but for some food aficionados who truly appreciate fresh veggies I guess it could be just the thing.

Jamaica is the place to go for golfers. Jamaica has 12 golf courses and they are easily accessible from the resorts. The Half Moon Resort has 3 courses.

Hikers, bikers and horse riders should head to Dominica for their outdoor adventure vacations. Numerous dive sites and beautiful nature on the island itself are the main attractions here. The Papillote Wilderness Retreat has hot springs and a botanical garden. Rates seem reasonable ($110/night for a double room). With only seven rooms, it sounds like a nice retreat from the hustle bustle of everyday life (with any luck that will be the worst cliche I ever use for the rest of my life).

Eleuthera is an island I’ve never heard of, but I guess I need to do some research. The article says this is the place for good beaches without crowds. Eleuthera is an Out Island of the Bahamas so you would have to fly to Nassau and get a charter from there. Sounds like an adventure already.

The best island for clubbing is supposed to be Trinidad and Tobago but armed robberies of tourists are on the rise there. I think we’ll take a wait and see approach before booking the flight.

For Hermits we have Marie-Galante, which features “deserted white-sand beaches and Old World charm.”

St Vincent and the Grenadines are for the sailing and yachting crowds. Sounds like an expensive hobby.

That’s my summary of the first article. I really like these articles on which vacation is good for different types of travelers. It reminds me of the articles on which cruises are best for different people. And there’s another one concentrating on different European cruiselines (my blog entry is weak now that I look at it, but the article it links to is still there).

And if you’re cruising the Caribbean, this USA Today article says reduced demand could mean better deals. Newsday talks about a last minute deal for Barbados. It doesn’t do me any good since I’m not leaving in the next few days (I like to plan ahead).

CNN reminds us to consider Mexico’s Caribbean coastline. I may be biased, but I think a few of my articles on the Mexican Riviera are at least as good as the advice in this CNN one. There’s the Riviera Maya, Mexico vacation at Bahia Principe Tulum Hotel, some tips on Playa Del Carmen, and a Playa Del Carmen honeymoon experience.

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    I am considering a trip to Lagos, Nigeria. Any information you may have or suggestions on how to make the trip a good one would be appreciated.

  2. Antoni32 says:

    I read an article on a resort in the Caribbean called charlisangels adult and exotic vacations resort. I’m planning a trip to that island i would like to visit that resort. How are the services there? Is it affordable?

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