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And the winners for the winter vacation writing contest are…

An overview of all the entries (here is the assessment rubric):

1st place ($200 prize): This last-minute entry, a 5 day Miami Itinerary, was a strong one with a hotel recommendation, daily activities (a few points were lost because the pace is a little too leisurely even if you are supposed to be hitting the beach and the hotel poolside bars half the time in Miami), and restaurants for dinner suggested.

2nd place ($100 prize): The Riviera Maya vacation plan did very well with daily activities. I had a tough time assigning points for restaurant recommendations considering this is an all-inclusive resort vacation; some breakfast and dinner recommendations are made.

3rd place ($50 prize): The Hawaii vacation earns a strong score on daily activities and a couple of points for hotel recommendations (no details on the hotels). Some points were lost because travelers are on their own as far as meals are concerned.

The Winnipeg travel itinerary had a hotel recommendation and strong marks for daily activities. A few points were lost because of restaurant recommendations.

The Cambodian vacation plan sounds good but lost points with no information on accommodations or restaurants.

The one day Toronto shopping spree was very interesting, but not the ideal format for this contest.

All in all, I have to note that response to the first contest, the 2006 summer vacation contest, was much stronger in that we had many more entries. I’m not sure what to do next but am open to suggestions. I may go back to the large cash prize system or just start buying travel plans for $10-$20 and forget about the contest format. Somehow, I really want this blog to be a place where people share their vacation plans.

Winners should contact with their PayPal ID.

Miami vacation itinerary — submission for travel writing contest

Here’s one of the last minute submissions to the writing contest I told you about. Enjoy Miami!

All restaurants mentioned here probably require reservations for dinner.

Day 1:

Arrive in Miami and check into The Hotel of South Beach, which is located right where you need to be to enjoy the South beach nightlife. The staff is friendly, the pool is great because you can sip frozen mojitos (or other drinks) in it, and the hotel restaurant is fine. The rooms are bright and cheery and a good value although somewhat expensive at $225.00/night.

After settling in at the hotel, you might as well go out for dinner. Have a steak at 444 Brickell Avenue, The Capital Grille. This will set you back about $50/person but the food is excellent.

Day 2:

You spend the morning in the Lowe Art Museum, located at 131 Stanford Drive in Coral Gables (on the University of Miami campus). The museum isn’t too huge so there’s plenty of time left for an afternoon on the beach. Why else did you get a hotel right by South Beach?

You have dinner in the Duo Restaurant at 1421 S Miami Ave. This is simply the best restaurant in Miami. We save it for the second day so that you experience at least one other good restaurant (the Capital Grille from the day before) while in Miami.

Day 3:

You try a different museum in the morning, something truly different. The World Erotic Art Museum has a few too many penis sculptures, but the Kama Sutra temple carvings from India are educational as are the Victorian hand-painted peek-a-boo boxes. The Beatles poster that shows the famous band without trousers is one of the most popular exhibits.

Your afternoon is spent (as usual) on the beach. You resist the urge to return to Duo Restaurant and instead go to Sheba, an Ethiopian restaurant. Be prepared to eat with your hands and spend $30/person. This is at 4029 N. Miami Ave.

Day 4:

You go to the Miami’s Seaquarium on Virginia Key in Biscayne Bay, a few minutes away from downtown Miami. In addition to the normal aquarium stuff, you see dolphin and sea lion shows.

After your usual afternoon at the beach, you are In the mood for another good steak so you go to Smith & Wollensky. It’s an expensive steak but you’re on vacation and it beats the McDonalds of steakhouses (the Outback of course).

Day 5:

You snuck over to the hotel pool and bar a few times when no one was looking but now you have to go in order to pass the time until your flight. Floating in the warm pool sipping frozen drinks is a fine way to end your Miami vacation.

Reviewing the entries to the winter vacation writing contest

We’ve had some excellent entries, and I expect many more before the approaching deadline. Here’s a review of what people have submitted so far:

We started off in style with a Hawaiian vacation itinerary. Like all Hawaii vacations, it sounds like a great time. From Waikiki to Kona and Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park, everything about Hawaii tells me to start planning and packing.

The next vacation itinerary was for the popular Riviera Maya in Mexico. This vacation at Bahia Principe Tulum Hotel revolves around the resort but includes day trips like the pyramids of Chitchen-Itza to keep things interesting.

The next entry was unusual in that it only spans one day. It offers lots of information about shopping in Toronto. I think there’s probably several days worth of shopping tips in here, but then again too much shopping in one day makes me annoy my wife.

Then we have another Canadian vacation, this one an itinerary for Winnipeg. The first two days are shopping days, but things get better after that. I love appreciating architecture and visiting the mint where they produce money might be fun too.

The Cambodia travel itinerary mentions a few places I’ve written about previously (they’re all on my list of places to visit). Sihanoukville is famous for beaches. Angkor Watt is famous for temples that have been partially consumed by jungle over the centuries. Phnom Penh has the Silver Pagoda and the National Museum.

I also did a Cambodian vacation plan a while back. I recommend a very good site for good information on Cambodia.

Well, join the fun – submit your winter vacation itineraries to

5 Days Around Cambodia

Enjoy this Cambodia vacation itinerary submitted to our 2006-2007 winter vacation travel writing contest, and remember that the first 150 entries receive at least 5.00 but maybe hundreds more.

Cambodia is filled with history and culture that’s ready to be absorbed by a tourist, just like you! Before you reserve your trip, plan and get educated about Cambodia.

Cambodia has two main seasons: a dry season and a rainy season. The rain season ranges from June to October. I would suggest booking your vacation during the dry cool season which is from November to February. However, if you think you can handle the heat, book during march to may which is the dry hot season.

Day 1:

Arrive at Phnom Penh airport (Cambodia’s capital). There are several places that you should visit while in the city:

– While in Phnom Penh, explore the northern part of the city. North Phnom Penh is considered as the French area of the city.

– Visit the independence monument; It’s a large brown structure that has a roof top that resembles a pinecone. The monument is important in Cambodian history because it signifies Cambodia’s independence from France.

– The next place to drop by is the National Museum of Cambodia. There are several amazing photography on display there that reflects Cambodia’s culture. The entrance fee is only $3.

Day 2:

Relax at the beach in Sihanoukville. Travel a couple of minutes south of Phnom Penh by bus to get to this location. This five star resort is extremely luxurious. They offer several exotic seafood ranging from different cuisines: from French to Italian! With water as blue as the sky and comfortable weather, it will surely feel like heaven.

Day 3:

Bus from Phnom Penh to Battambang (Battambang is another city located in Cambodia). The price for a one-way trip is only $6 per person. After you’ve arrived, be sure to visit the three main temples in Battambang: Ba Nan Temple. Barseat Temple and Wat Ek Temple. These temples were built during the 11th century.

Day 4:

Travel to Angkor Wat by bus or a rented car. This ancient temple is amazing, there are several stone structures of people, dancers and more! The most amazing sculpture are the huge stone heads of Khmer people. They have a modest smile with large lips, their faces are truly unforgettable. Do not forget to bring extra film because every step will lead to a perfect picture opportunity!

Day 5:

Return back to Phnom Penh. If there are a couple of hours before your flight, you might want to do some last minute shopping by going to the Tuol Tom Pong Market. There are several souvenirs to purchase at the market ranging from antiques to clothing. I would suggest shopping for large quantities of items on your last day, so you don’t have to bring it along with you while you travel around Cambodia.

Lastly, do not forget to recommend your trip to your friends and family. There is so much culture and history in Cambodia that differs from other Asian cultures. They simply need to be explored more often.

The Prairie’s Gem: Winnipeg

Several people avoid traveling to central Canada because they think it’s only filled with farms and flat land; This is not true! There are many great tourist attractions here that are affordable. One of these places is Winnipeg; They have many different unique attractions that cannot be found anywhere else in Canada! Here is the plan to a 5 day vacation to my hometown:

Day 1:

After arriving to Winnipeg’s International Airport, check in at Place Louis Riel. This hotel is affordable with only an average price of 150 CAD. Place Louis Riel is also located in the heart of downtown, so you will be foot steps away from great restaurants and shops!

The first place you should check out downtown is Portage Place. It is a small friendly mall filled with interesting stores such as Orientals. Orientals sells several anime and imported Japanese Chinese products! This store is highly addictive to anime crazed fans in Winnipeg since it is only one of the few stores that offer a lot of anime products. Another store to check out is a booth on the second level. There isn’t a name attached to this booth, but it is very noticeable since it’s the only one located on the second level. This booth sells several hand made braided bracelets and necklaces. The styles can range from colorful kid friendly styles to more sophisticated tribal/ethnic styles. The staff are highly friendly there, so you can feel free to ask them questions about the productions since they create them right in front of your eyes! Don’t forget to check out the 3 for $10 bracelet deals! It’s the cheapest I’ve found in the city.

Day 2:

After spending a day at Portage Place, I’m sure you’re ready to check out larger tourist attractions! My next suggestion is to visit The Forks. The Forks is a friendly area filled with handmade crafts, souvenirs, restaurants, snack bars and more! When you arrive at The Forks here are the first places you should check out: 1) Johnson’s Terminal: you can purchase several unique souvenirs here. If you have time, you can go to the basement level to view or purchase antiques. 2) The Forks Main Building: Enter the main building around lunch time, you can purchase your lunch here. With a large selection of choice from sushi to Chilean food, your taste buds will be satisfied! After lunch, try walking up the tower located near the main entrance of the building. On top, there is a beautiful view of the Red River and the city skyscrapers. Don’t forget to bring your camera! 3) Walk around the Forks and the Red River, there are several street entertainers during the weekends!

Note: For updates on events happening at The Forks, you can visit their site at:

Day 3:

St. Boniface is the next place to visit during your trip to Winnipeg. This is a small French community located near The Forks. Before you enter the St. Boniface area, you will need to cross the Provenche Bridge. Get your camera ready because there is a unique architecture structure built on the bridge. It looks like a huge pointy pole sticking upwards out of the bridge with several thin polls branching off the pole onto the cement of the bridge. It is truly unique! If it’s around lunch time, you might want to stop by the Salisbury House located on the bridge! After crossing the bridge, you are only 15 minutes away from the St. Boniface and Cemetery. You may visit buried historical icons such as Louis Riel here. If you are more interested in the history of Manitoba, you can drop by the Grey Nun’s museum to view several vintage historical items and customs.

Day 4:

Three days of shopping, tasting food, taking pictures must be tiring. Take your fourth day visit here to relax at Assinaboin Park. You can walk on the long pathway around the park and enjoy the nice cool breezy air. After a long relaxing break, you can also drop by the Zoo (which is located in the park). If you have children, this is a must! They have many activities for children available in the Zoo, not just visiting animals. Don’t forget to say hi to the polar bears!

Day 5:

The last and final place that is a must to visit is The Mint. The Mint is the only place in Canada where they produce money! Grab your rented car and head out to the edge of the city to the Mint. Once you arrive, you will see an awesome triangle shaped mirrored building; Take out your camera because this is a perfect picture opportunity. Once you enter the building, you have the choice to tour around and purchase souvenirs. Take the tour and see how money is made, it’s very entertaining, especially to curious children.

Well, I hope you enjoy a nice trip to Winnipeg. This is the ideal city to visit in central Canada because it is not too overwhelming (like other large metropolitan cities in Canada) and there is always a friendly feel when you are here that cannot be experienced in any other city in Canada!

Myra Phan

Discovering Toronto – A Shopaholic’s Guide

Toronto is filled with many high end and unique stores. If you are from a small city, it must be hard to find popular clothing stores such as H&M, who are only available to large cities such as Toronto. Here’s a guide that will help you prepare for an efficient 1 day shopping spree in Toronto!

This was an entry in the winter vacation writing contest (though Toronto must be fairly cold in winter). I think we’re on entry #3 here.


Before your trip, reserve a rental car online. I would suggest using because they have several options and pricing for all budgets. The most affordable package I found was the economy pack from Enterprise; They offer a price of $137 per day for a mid size car.

Next, book your reservations at the Radisson Admiral Hotel located in Toronto’s Harbourfront. With prices starting from $185 CAD This is the perfect hotel if you are on a budget. The hotel is also located downtown, where there are so many places to discover such as Queen Street, Yonge Street and Chinatown! Being located near these attractions is essential for saving money on gas!

Lastly, I find it useful if you bring along a small notebook with important information filled with addresses, directions and locations. Start off by writing all of the contact information for the rental car place, hotels and attractions that I will mention below. Next, Google, Google, Google! Using type in your hotel’s location. Then click on the thumbnails pointing to your locations; Type in the location to your attractions. Google will provide instructions on how you can get to your requested places from your hotel! Write these down.

Purchase a map of Toronto and keep it with you at all times. From my experience, asking people for directions in Toronto is not helpful. Most people do not know directions to specific places out of their neighborhood, it’s a big city! I don’t blame them.

Day 1:

Once you’ve arrived at the Pearson’s International Airport, your rental car should be available at the pick up location at the airport (the details will be given to you after you’ve reserved your vehicle). Using your handy notebook filled with directions you’ve Googled up before the trip, drive over to your hotel. After you’ve unpacked, you may be a bit jet legged from the trip. Feel free to relax near the beautiful view of the Harbourfront.

If you are feeling a bit hungry, you should visit the Benihana Japanese Restaurant near your hotel. Not only can you taste exciting new food, it will also be a unique experience! A chef will cook steak and/or seafood at your table in front of your eyes! Just one warning, while the chef is cooking, don’t rest your arms on the table, it heats up. Are you excited already? You will need to know how to get here, go grab your notebook and write down these important information: Location: 100 Front St. W ; Phone Number: (416) 860-5002.

After your meal, you should have enough energy to burn while walking discovering downtown. Get your car and drive to the Eaton’s Centre (220 Yonge St). There are several parking spaces available here. The Eaton’s Centre is the third largest mall in Canada; This is surely a shopaholic’s heaven! With 4 levels filled with various stores, you will leave the mall with an empty wallet! Here’s a quick guide to discovering this large mall. If you are looking for bargains, start off at the basement level. The basement level is mainly the most populated because of the low prices which appeals to many teens. If you want more high end fashion stores such as FCUK and Banana Republic, go up to the third level of the mall. As you notice, the higher up the levels you go, the higher the prices raises.

Next, walk down to Yonge Street (this is only a few minutes away from the Hotel). There are several stores varying from music stores (such as HMV) to clothing stores. In my opinion, the stores aren’t as impressive as Queen Street’s since they seem to have many clothing franchise stores, so don’t spend too much time here.

Walk to Queen Street West. There are so many amazing small independent clothing boutiques such as “Le Richie.” They sell awesome punk clothing and accessories that you can’t find anywhere else. If you have a comic book fan, check out Silver Snail, their collections in the stores will blow your mind away! While walking along Queen Street, don’t forget to smile while walking past Much Music; For those who don’t know, Much Music is a music station similar to MTV. If you have near Much Music around 5 – 6 pm, they are filming “Much on Demand” which airs nation wide. Walk past their group of audience and you might be filmed!

At the end of Queen Street, you will meet Spadina Avenue. Turn to the left to enter Chinatown. There are so many cheap prices on products at Chinatown. One warning, if you see a vendor selling phone cards at low rates, just note that it may be a fake. As for clothing, they are extremely cheap. While walking down the street, pay attention to the stores who sell 3 t-shirts for $10 CAD. These shirts are fairly decent with a nice Toronto or Canada print on them, these are the only articles of clothing I would recommend purchasing because of their decent quality.

As it gets darker, you probably want to carry your shopping bags home. After walking to Spadina Ave, I wouldn’t recommend walking all the way back to the mall to get your car. On Spadina Ave, there are many buses (they are red, white and black if you can’t notice them). Take out enough change for the ride. The fare for an adult is only $2.75 CAD which covers the subway ride too. If you miss the bus, don’t worry, they come every 5 minutes or so, they are really quick! Take the bus that leads to “Spadina Station.” At the Spadina Subway Station, take the subway leading to the Queen Station. (There’s a map located right when you exit the bus into the subway station). When you stop at Queen Station, go through The Bay and exit into the Eatons Centre mall. Once in the mall, you can easily find your car.

After this long day of shopping, you must be exhausted. Go rest in your comfy white sheets. Prepare to pack up all of your shoes, clothing and souvenirs for tomorrow as you will be going home.

While you’re shopping in Toronto, make sure you make time to eat. This list of restaurants Toronto might give you an idea of where you’d like to stop for food.

Important Information:

Here are the addresses & phone numbers that should be in your notebook:

Pearson International Airport

Location: 5925 Airport Road

Radisson Admiral Hotel

Location: 249 Queen’s Quay West

Phone Number: 416) 203-3333

Benihana Japanese Restaurant

Location: 100 Front St. W

Phone Number: (416) 860-5002.

Eaton’s Centre

Location: 220 Yonge St

By: Myra Phan

Riviera Maya, Mexico vacation at Bahia Principe Tulum Hotel

Another contest entry. Enjoy and keep submitting your travel plans to

Oh joy, I’m feeling that again… 35 degrees, 90% Humidity and as many tequilas as you can drink.

Pack your stuff, get ready and off we go.

In fact packing stuff isn’t really that hard, especially if you keep your wife or your mom at home, so they don’t carry 3 bags filled with whatever they can find inside their wardrobe.

Day 1 – Wherever you come from to Cancun. Arrive at Cancun and prepare yourself for at least 1 hour in a bus. Stay at the Bahia Principe Tulum Hotel (*****). Arriving at the hotel you should have a Welcome Cocktail waiting for you. Exotic fruits, no alcohol for a start and some nice looking scenery around. Temperature is horrible and most surely jetlag also.

Day 2 – Breakfast, of course. You can have it, for example, at a 1000 m2 bungalow with most food together than you could ever eat in an all year.

Start your journey. Explore the hotel. In fact those are 3 hotels side by side, but you can freely use your all-inclusive pass to go wherever you want, meaning pools, beaches, restaurants bars, etc. All you must do at your hotel is sleep at your room – There are over 15 pools and 25 bars around, most of them opened 24 hours per day. You’re not allowed to swim in the pools before dawn.

Day 3 – We’re travelling to Chitchen-Itza (Chicken Pizza for the fellow Americans). Book in advance ($150 per person) as buses get crowded fast. The temperature is again terrible. Take lots of water with you, and I mean water, not tequila or beer, or whatever. Climb the pyramids and remember to never look down when coming back from the top. The place is beautiful. You should be used to them by now, but remember that mosquitoes there look like helicopters. The trip is long and should take you the all day. Hotel again, take a bath, relax a bit and prepare yourself for a dinner a-la-carte. The Italian restaurant is excellent.

Day 4 – After all this full-speed start let’s stay calm and quiet. Explore the beach around the hotel chain. You’re 100 m away from the 2nd largest coral reef on Earth, so get your diving material and enjoy. Snorkelling there is also a possibility, even though you can’t go far doing it. Have light meals, since you want to stay inside water all day long. Always use natural sun protectors so you don’t destroy nature around. Have a light dinner and get to sleep.

Day 5 – The Adventure… Jeeps, fast boats and a wonderful sightseeing. Use this day for a 200 km trip to the interior of Mexico. You drive your own rented jeep, go watch the turtles, the dolphins, a ton of natural reserves and eat lobster at lunch. All is included in the price of this journey ($180 per person). Get back to the hotel, take a bath and walk to the Hacienda Santa Isabel, a very nice place 1 km far away from the hotel where you can watch once a week the Mexican Fiesta, a party with regional music and shows, lot’s of food and 25 types of different tequilas.

Day 6 – Tired enough you decide to walk around the hotel once again. Visit a couple of the local shops, drink some cocktails inside the pools, learn how to cook a giant paella 10 m away from your current bathing spot and eat a delicious meal inside water.

As an alternative you can go to Shell-Ha, a natural beautiful place where Blue Lagoon was filmed years ago; today it’s a huge aquatic park.

Have dinner and visit 1 or 2 bars. Don’t waste your time at the local disco.

Day 7 – Pack your stuff (again) and wipe your tear. If you’re on a 7-day trip it’s all over. You’d better have booked 15 days instead, so you could maximize the plane fare. Home we go now. We have that tequila bottle, a couple of shirts and other tourist souvenirs, but you have the feeling that you want to get back one day!

Hawaiian Holiday vacation plan

This Hawaiian Holiday is the first to be entered into our winter travel writing contest. Enjoy!

Day 1: Your bags are packed and you have been waiting for this trip all winter. It’s mid February and you are so glad to get out of the cold. Your flight lands in Honolulu at 3:15 pm. You have a surprise for your travel partner. Upon arrival you are greeted with fresh flower lei. They also offer to assist you with your luggage and provide shuttle service to your hotel. This service can be arranged ahead of time at

For the next 3 nights you will be staying at the hotel of your choice in Waikiki. After checking in you can freshen up in your room and have dinner in anyone of the hotels restaurants. After dinner take a stroll on the beach and then go to one of the hotel lounges for some Hawaiian music.

Hotel suggestion: Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort and Spa –

Day 2: You have pre arranged a tour with They have a large variety of tours available, and they pick up at most Waikiki hotels. I recommend the Circle Island Tour with Pearl Harbor. Along with seeing Pear Harbor and the Arizona Memorial, you will explore all the highlights of Oahu, including Diamond Head Crater, Dole Pineapple Plantation and many other interesting points. You will stop for lunch along the way. Your tour pick up time is early and you will return around 5:30 pm. Spend the evening at the hotel or take a cab to explore the surrounding area.

Tour cost is $69.99 pp

Day 3: Today you can spend at your leisure. A few suggestions are to skydive, jet ski, snorkel, or many other beach activities available. After all you are on the famous Waikiki beach. Oahu has 40 golf courses ranging from casual municipal links to elegant resort courses. While the men golf, women can have a relaxing spa treatment.

About an hours drive from Waikiki there is the Polynesian Cultural Center. You could rent a car and drive there for a day. Here you can interact with the people of Hawaii and learn about other South Pacific cultures. Their website is They have different packages to purchase. There are countless things you could arrange for the day, depending on the activity level you choose. Prices vary according to package chosen: $50.00 to $200.00.

Day 4: You have pre arranged your inter island flights with Aloha Airlines. You arrive at the airport for your early flight to the Big Island of Hawaii. Upon landing you pick up your rental car that you pre reserved. Kona is on the west coast side of Hawaii, or the Kona Side. The east coast is the Hilo Side. Today your travels take you to Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park. It is a 45 minute drive from the airport, on Highway 11. The park is open 24 hours a day year round, and the visitors center closes at 5:00 pm. Entrance fee is $10.00. Here you can explore lava fields, and hike among Hawaiian’s wilderness. Start your tour at the Kilauea Visitor Center to catch that day’s events. You can cruise the Kilauea peak by car on an 11 mile loop called Crater Rim Drive. You can find a wealth of info at their website, Spend as much time here as you wish and then head for your hotel in Kona. You can grab a bite to eat along the way back.

Hotel suggestion: Kona Village Resort –

Day 5: After a leisurely breakfast, you will be driving along the coast of the Big Island. Head north along Highway 19 You can stop at Hapuna Beach State Park and enjoy one of the most popular white sand beaches on the island. When finished there keep going north to Kawaihae Harbor, and then onward to Waipi’o Valley. There is a lookout at the end of the main road. Don’t miss Hi’ilawe Falls. You don’t want to spend too much time at these places because there is a lot to see along the next 40 miles along the Hamakua Coast. Make sure you have your camera ready for all the waterfalls you will see. Don’t miss Rainbow Falls.

Next is Hilo, the islands capital city. Spend as much time here as you wish. Now might be a time to grab something to eat. There are many shops and restaurants on Banyan Drive.

Keep going on Highway 11, headed west. Take the cut off in Wai’ohinu down to Ka Lae or South Point. This is the southernmost point of land in the United States. Back on Highway 11 to the Kona district, to your hotel and enjoy the evening as you wish. If you still feel like exploring, a few miles south of the airport lays the seaside town of Kailua-Kona. This is where you can enjoy this evenings dinner.

Day 6: Sleep in today and take a late morning flight to Maui. Pick up the rental car, check into the hotel and enjoy the beautiful white beaches. This evening you have pre arranged reservations for the Old Lahaina Luau. Lahaina is little port city that comes alive at night with a mix of residents and visitors. Stroll the streets after the luau and head back to the hotel.

Hotel Suggestion: Ka’anapali Beach Hotel –

Day 7: Today we are off on another road trip. Go around the top of the island to just west of Wailuku. This is the entrance to Iao Valley State Park. Here you will find Iao Needle. There are many easy hiking trails, and look outs. When finished here continue on the road, stopping as you wish and head towards The Hana Highway. This road begins at the Hana Airport and is known for its hairpin turns and one lane bridges. It is known for one of the most beautiful drives in the world. Nine miles beyond Hana you will come to Haleakala National Park at Ohe’o Gulch. Don’t miss Haleakala Crater. Head back to the hotel at your leisure.

Day 8: This is your last day. Enjoy Kaanapali Beach. Check out Lahaina during the day time. Do a little shopping for those souvenirs you didn’t get. Pack up for the trip home. Enjoy your last Hawaiian meal at dinner.

Day 9: Drive to Maui’s airport in Kahului for your homebound flight.

Note: Hawaii can get very expensive. Meals can be costly, so I really left it up to each individual where to eat. Thought your day you may find some out of the way restaurant that might appeal to you instead of eating in the hotels restaurant. Also there are a wide range of hotels to choose from. If you choose a hotel one a block away from the ocean you could still have the view, but the price would be considerably less. One last thing, many people choose to use their frequent flyer miles for the flight. This needs to be done almost a year in advance.