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Talk to the person sitting next to you

In this article aimed at business travelers the author recommends learning something about whoever you end up sitting next to. Sometimes you get lucky enough to sit next to a gorgeous Argentinian doctor or a biologist with videos of mating mokeys on his laptop.

My wife and I sometimes follow this advice and did meet an interesting lady from Japan, an office worker who was crazy about Def Leopard. She was flying to New York to see them for the 27th and 28th times if memory serves.

There’s also something about a contest where you enter by emailing a business travel tip to

Tethered vacations and negotiating for more vacation time

I read an interesting article about what it really means to go on vacation because it varies from company to company. There’s also some good advice about negotiating:

Find out what’s expected. Does your manager expect you to call in once a day, check e-mails regularly and be available for conference calls? If that’s the case, you might be able to negotiate for extra days or more frequent vacations.

That does sound like a good bargaining chip and fair too. If it’s not really a vacation it should be longer, right?