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Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives) & Tony Parker (San Antonio Spurs) destination wedding gossip + Punta Cana resorts in Dominican Republic

Eva Longoria was apparently seen visiting the ancient French church of St Germain L’Aucerrois.

The gossip is that the wedding will take place in St Germain L’Aucerrois and the reception in the Chateau de Chantilly, a 16th-century castle seen in the James Bond movie A View To A Kill.

Obviously this coule doesn’t need to worry about affording a big wedding and a nice honeymoon (although the honeymoon has to wait). After all, they are paying $30,000 for the wedding cake…

Here’s an article on fancy honeymoon suites in various hotels but these $300+/night rooms are a bit more affordable then French castles…

One thing they mention are a pair of resorts in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic:

Excellence Punta Cana, formally Secrets Punta Cana, is a couples-only resort with a $562 a night honeymoon suite (ocean-view private terrace with indoor and outdoor private Jacuzzis). The resort has a pool that runs the entire length of the hotel but it can’t possibly be as big as the lagoon in Plantation Bay.

Ocean Blue Golf and Beach Resort starts at $300/night for the honeymoon package (Dominican cigars, private dancing lessons, aromatherapy massages, private sailing lessons and romantic horseback riding). This one is all-inclusive.

I also have a friend who personally recommends Punta Cana Sunscape. This is what he writes:

Best all inclusive I’ve been to. People were very nice. Accomodations were excellent as was the weather. Went deep sea fishing and our boat with 7 passengers landed 2 marlin (one 240 blue, one 150 white) and a 75 lb. “cuda”. Snorkeling about 35 yards from shore and saw a “ray”.

Definitely a couples place or a honeymoon spot. In fact there were 44 weddings over a 6 day period.

There isn’t a great selection of beer. They have Presidente and another beer. Presidente is a great beer, especially cold. I have found it in South Florida and it is always good. The other beer is nothing to write home about. It is Soberano and it tastes like moose piss… they try to pawn that off to you a lot.

There are plenty of activities for the kids. They have a daily schedule and when I was down there there were plenty of them.

The food wasn’t bad. I actually liked it. There was a Japanese place which was good and grill place which was very good. Then there was a classy place, were you had to dress up which was great. I paid extra for the lobster. The room service food wasn’t great. The pizza was okay. Just one word of advice, drink only beer and nothing with ice and coconut milk. They use goat cocoanut milk and the ice is not pure. I think that is how I got sick (Montezuma’s revenge). I drank only beer and wine from then on.

It was one thousand per person. We stayed for 7 days. It was a great deal, in my eyes. I am not sure if I would go there again though. There just weren’t enough different activities. Maybe when I have a family of my own.

I did blog about Punta Cana Sunscape once before.

Upgrades, honeymoons, celebrity vacations, and a little extra

I travel fairly often and have never gotten an upgrade so I thought this article on how to position yourself for possible upgrades was an interesting one. I had a male colleague once who claimed he had never flown without getting an upgrade because he was always able to charm the ticketing agent and ask for an upgrade. Then again he was also a professional French horn player, ran a free homestay for missionaries, and trained Navy SEALs on silent assassination techniques. Pretty good for an English teacher in Korea but I’m not entirely sure that everything he said was true…

The upgrades thing reminds me of the Friends sitcom where Chandler and Monica on their honeymoon see the couple in front of them (also honeymooners) getting upgraded. I’ve read that honeymooners should let everyone know that they are on a honeymoon as this increases the chances of getting an upgrade.

I did find a fellow blogger who chose Puerto Rico over Hawaii for her honeymoon: Travels of Lizzie Bean: Puerto Rico Honeymoon!. Speaking of Hawaii, it is still on the top of the list for Americans looking to get married somewhere special, but fewer people are actually choosing Hawaii. I think the blogger above is a perfect example of that. Hawaii was their first thought but Puerto Rico won in the end.

By the way, to really go all out on your honeymoon you can go wherever the celebrities go (if you have the money to follow them). This article talks about some popular celebrity travel spots. This article for Indian travelers talks about some off the beaten path options. Interesting (it makes perfect sense of course) that Canada and Alaskan cruises are exotic destinations from an Indian perspective.

Not every marriage produces babies, but it’s common enough for me to link to this New York Times article on babymoons next. I’ve written about babymoons before and even taken some criticism for my opinions but I still think a lot of babymoons are silly – especially ones that include free gifts like photo albums. Don’t people want to choose their own?

The last article I have for you is this one titled “Vacation trend: immersing yourself in a different culture”. It also devotes a good chunk of space to discussing why the internet has not put travel agents out of business yet, although their numbers are decreasing.

Marriage advice from pamela Anderson: not on vacation

I’m not sure that anyone should listen to Pamela Anderson’s advice on marriage, but here it is anyway: “Now that things have calmed down – I think – I just want to say it’s great to get back to normal life. We are doing great. Thanks for all the support. Don’t get married on vacation!”

A 39-year-old woman with some marriage experience might be expected to know better than to get married on a whim (vacation or not isn’t really the issue, is it?) and she has filed for divorce from Kid Rock (after four months of marriage because of “irreconcilable differences).”

Pamela Anderson had previously described her St. Tropez wedding as “the best, most romantic wedding of all time.” Maybe if you know what you’re doing getting married on vacation isn’t so bad after all.

Cruise & Holmes dancing in the Maldives

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, currently on a yacht leant to them by the richest man in Australia off the Maldives capital Male have been invited to dance with locals while on their honeymoon.

Love them, hate them, or ambivalent about them, you have to admit that’s pretty cool. Getting to meet the locals is what traveling is all about. Government spokesman Mohamed Hussain Shareef said, “People would really love to meet them, show their culture and say ‘hello’ at the least. People are really curious and they feel they should show some of their culture, especially dancing.”

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes married in Rome, honeymooning in the Maldives

Tom Cruise got his Italian wedding, although he and Katie Holmes were officially married in LA (the commenter on my previous post wrote about how he did the paperwork in America but the ceremony in Italy so this must be how it’s done).

We’ve got a ton of articles on the Cruise – Holmes wedding. One is cleverly named Marriage Improbable:

AS one might expect from Tom Cruise, it was a production of Hollywood proportions. His wedding to Katie Holmes yesterday in the 15th-century Castle Odescalchi outside Rome had a budget of more than £1.2m, with guest stars including Jennifer Lopez, Jim Carrey, Will Smith and Brooke Shields, a lavish banquet, fireworks and thousands of rose-scented candles.

Then there’s the list of celebrities that attended the wedding and a few other details. And here’s something that includes a little blurb on their honeymoon in the Maldives.

Celebrity travel gossip: Eddie Murphy & Scary Spice in Hawaii

Maui’s Four Seasons Hotel has a $10,700-a-night luxury suite, where rich and famous people stay on vacation.

According to, Eddie Murphy and his 5 kids, ages 4 to 16, vacationed with his girlfriend Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) and her 7-year-old daughter. Apparently they did some body surfing and boogie boarding. “There was a lot of togetherness between the families,” a source told People.

Murphy’s big brother Charlie of “Chappelle Show” fame told the magazine: “(Eddie) seems very happy with her, and that’s what’s important to me. He’s in a good place. If she does that (for him), then that’s great.”

Gwyneth Paltrow takes surfing lessons on vacation

Gwyneth Paltrow was on vacation in the English coastal resort of Cornwall, where her parents-in-law live. The big news is that she has started learning to surf: “Gwyneth donned a wet suit and braved the chilly waters for an hour-long surf lesson on a chunky beginner’s surf board.”