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Warning on vacation clubs

I’m not sure if we have the same problem in America because I had never heard of it before, but this Canadian article talks about the problems people face when they join vacation clubs. It seems that people end up paying lots of money up front and not saving any money later when they actually go on vacation. They also lose government protection.

Weird million dollar vacation package

We’ve talked about Dubai, but now Abu Dhabi in the UAE is making headlines, trying to attract some wealthy tourists.

This article details a pretty weird vacation. I mean it costs $146,000 / day so that’s weird. But then it includes golfing for men, perfume creation for women, and then guns. Guns in a vacation package?

As you might imagine, some parts of this $1,000,000.00 vacation package sound pretty cool:

A personal butler will tend to you 24 hours a day between private jet excursions, where guests can claim a handmade Persian rug in Iran, receive a spa treatment at the Dead Sea and hit Bahrain to dive for pearls — which will be fashioned into gifts by on-site jewellers.

The deal includes all food and drink at the hotel’s 13 bars and restaurants, while a chauffeur-driven $410,000 Maybach supercar will be available on demand.

Harlem Alive

A while back, I published a press release on Harlem tours. Recently, a friend of mine had an opportunity to take one of their tours. Here is his review:

Harlem Alive by E. Edward Hobbes

If anyone asks, Harlem is alive and thriving! I recently was privileged to take the Harlem Gospel Tour with the Harlem Spirituals Sightseeing Tours. I encourage anyone that visits New York City to do likewise. If you have never been to Harlem you may be pleasantly surprised at what you find. If you have not been back in a while, I suggest you come back. I plan to take this tour again in the near future.

The whole day begins in Midtown Manhattan at about 9:30 AM where we boarded a comfortable bus that took us uptown. The trip uptown goes by Columbia University as well several beautiful churches. Saint John the Devine is particularly spectacular and is a must see if you visit Harlem.

Our first stop was at the Schomburg Center where we were treated to interesting exhibits on the formation and development of the Abyssinian Baptist Church. Also on display at the Schomburg Center when we visited was an extensive display on the culture, norms, and traditions of the Senegalese people. As it turns out, because of recent immigration in the area, Harlem now boasts one of the largest Senegalese expatriate communities in the world.

After the Schomburg Center we were taken to one of the most moving scenes I have ever experienced — namely a full Baptist church choir singing their lungs out! No one was going to fall asleep at this church; even the crowd of tourists got up and started clapping their hands and stomping their feet.

The finale was brunch at Sylvia’s and it was delightful! The fried chicken was the juiciest and tastiest I have ever savored. The fried catfish was to die for and the ribs were terrific. I have actually visited Sylvia’s with a friend since because the place was just that good.

There are a lot of things to do when you are visiting New York City and there are many options available. Whether you come from Westchester or Germany, I make one guarantee: if you visit Harlem and take this tour — you won’t be able to resist not coming back!

Babymoon vacation packages

Here’s an article on some different babymoon packages. To me the packages seem like a waste. Sure expecting moms will appreciate the “pregnancy massage”, which I would call a prenatal massage. However that should be available in most any spa. Some packages come with a book on parenting, a baby photo album, or a gift mailed when the baby arrives. These are all nice ideas but why pay extra for them?

If it were me, and as I’ve said before it probably won’t be me babymooning, I would just head to Scottsdale, Arizona and go to one of the spas there. I can pick out my own photo albums…

This article from the Boston Globe lists some vacation deals and includes a Maple Sugar package in Loews Hotel Vogue Montreal and a Vermont Chocolate Show package in Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa. Both of those sound cooler to me than any of the plain babymoon packages which seem like little more than an overpriced hotel room, a “free” massage, and a “free” gift.