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If you’re not drinking mojito lattes from a toilet cup, why not?

We found this place – Ddong Cafe, translated = Poop Cafe – in Insa-dong, Seoul. Sadly we had already eaten by the time we saw this toilet and poop themed restaurant / cafe.
The poop theme is everywhere, from the decor to the food to the drinks.

A nice latte in a toilet cup at Poop Cafe in Seoul.
I rarely love spaghetti in Korean restaurants, especially when served in a toile bowl.

Seeing Oman: National Geographic Channel World Traveller – Muscat & Nizwa

A friend of mine from Oman recommended this video as a nice snapshot of two cities. The first city they show you is the capital, Muscat. With just over a million people, Muscat seems like a good size. Not as crazy as Seoul (for example), but not too quiet either. I’ve never been to Muscat, but I could already imagine living there.

The second city they show is Nizwa. They say this is the cultural capital of Oman thanks to its rich history. It’s also a good place for shopping. I went to a few souqs in Istanbul, but none of them had cattle so I’m not done yet. The Nizwa souq looks like quite an experience.


San Doong cave in Vietnam

An awesome cave in central Vietnam. Previously unknown species, a river, 3 kilometers in there’s a rain forest. And almost no one has seen it.

It was discovered in 1991, but the local who found it never entered the Son Doong Cave. Visitors have rappel 80 meters to enter Son Doong. It’s the biggest cave in the world – over 5.5 miles long and could fit a 40-story skyscraper within its walls.

British cavers were the first to explore it in 2009. The tour company Oxalis is running trial tours of the cave and accepting sign-ups for real six-day tours to take place next year.

How awesome would it be to spend 6 days in this place?

You’d have to have about $3,000 to make it happen, not counting the airfare to Vietnam. Also not included are the rappelling lessons you’ll want to take before you go.

Awesome pictures in this Huffington Post story. Click the thumbnail to enlarge or hit the link to see more pics.

Rock formation shines in Hang Son Doong

Some photos that make Ireland look like a fun place to be

This collection of photos was compiled by someone who lives in Ireland and then a friend of mine who lives in Ireland shared with me. However, I think that visitors could appreciate the quirk and charm on display in these photos just as well as a resident.

I’m guessing that you have to get away from Dublin and Belfast and into some of the smaller towns to see some of this awesome stuff, and the photos aren’t well-labeled so I don’t know where these things are most likely to happen. If anyone does have some suggestions to see the ‘real’ Ireland on display in these photos, please do leave a comment.

I wonder if we could add a small town to this travel plan for the solo traveler in Dublin. These are thumbnails so click on a picture for the larger image.

Swimming in a pothole in Ireland

Swimming in a pothole in Ireland


This Russian tourist is not easily impressed

I really enjoyed these pictures and captions. Vitaly Zelkovsky is a Russian tourist who scowls in his photos and adds funny captions like:

“Day 23: Eiffel Tower successfully photographed. Still no feelings.”

And, “Day 15: Milan cathedral. I feel a space where inspiration and awe should be.”

And, “Day 19: House of the Blackheads in Riga. Head is wetter than usual.”

So if you’re sense of humor is anything like mine, follow the link above and check out these pictures with their captions. I don’t know if I’m just laughing at a cultural difference (I’m told that Russians don’t usually smile for photos) or if Vitaly Zelkovsky is making me laugh on purpose, but either way I appreciate it. Click on the thumbnail below for the bigger picture – I know I’d be smiling if I were there.


My friends’ photos from their travels

I feel like it has been too long since I’ve posted any pictures. The main problem is I can’t remember which of the photos I’m saving have been posted and which ones I have not yet posted. So I will share with you some thumbnails and if some look familiar, that would be me repeating myself (although I did check and I think these have never been posted). These are all thumbnails so please click an image for the larger version. By the way, if you want to see one of your travel photos published here, you can always email me at I would just need the photo and a description and then I’ll save it for a future post titled ‘readers’ photos’.

This first one is new so I haven’t shared it before, I’m certain. my friend took this double rainbow in the mountains shot in Nagano, Japan.


A double rainbow in the mountains of Japan

Not far from Japan (geographically speaking), we have this picture from Korea. Even in Seoul, on can appreciate Autmun leaves and, since the country is small, it’s not too hard to leave the city and visit one of the many mountains where you can really surround yourself in the colored foliage.

Most everyone agrees that Korea is most beautiful in Fall.

Most everyone agrees that Korea is most beautiful in Fall.

And taking a break from nature shots, here’s one a friend took of Monaco.

Monaco, on my wishlist

Monaco, on my wishlist

Matanuska Glacier, Alaska

The other day someone on Facebook list posted a picture of Matanuska Glacier, Alaska. It was very cool. I did a little search and found this article from The glacier is public property, but it’s best to get there from private property: “it’s most easily accessible through Glacier Park Resort, Mile 102 of the Glenn Highway east of Palmer.”

I’ve yet to look at my map and figure out where that is compared to other things in Alaska I want to see or how to add it to an existing Alaska travel plan. But it seems there are parts of the glacier that don’t require any special skill to climb around on (and parts that will kill you if you don’t have the proper gear and experience). And it’s really beautiful int he pictures. Here’s a link to a National geographic photo, you can download as your wallpaper if you want.

This is a thumbnail, so you can click for the bigger picture.

Popular European destination pictures

I wanted to share a few pictures that friends of mine have taken recently. It’s been a while since I’ve posted travel pictures and while I have a few of my own on deck, I happened to notice that my friends have recently visited some of my favorite places. I’ve never been to Nice or Pisa, but the pictures of Venice and Lafayette Department store do bring back memories (when I took my picture I didn’t have the Christmas tree), some recent and some distant. These are thumbnails so you can click on a picture to see the larger photo. You’ll then want to use the back button to return to the blog – if you just close the picture you’ll close the site entirely.

Lafayette Department Store in Paris.

I doubt that the Leaning Tower needs a caption.

Nice, France.

A canal in Venice.

Dutch hot tub boats & local leisure

A couple of pictures of Dutch ingenuity and a reminder that you might not have to go too far from your home to find a cool way to relax.

It looks like Amsterdam to me, which isn’t close to my home, but certainly a nice day on the water for the locals.

Wolves and bears in Finland

I accidentally found some pretty cool videos on Youtube that seem to indicate Finland is good for wolf watching and bear watching.

I realized when I was in Finland that it would be wonderful for kayaking – lots of nice water and not much traffic. Now I realize it’s good for wolf and bear watching. Makes me wonder – what else don’t I know about Finland?