Celebrating the bravery of flight attendants and digressing

This article hits on a few different issues from Asiana Airlines’ flight attendants fighting for the right for women to wear trousers on the job to how important looking good is to work for Asiana (an issue discussed at some length in the comments section on this blog):

Lim, who was 23 when she applied for the job, initially was told she too old. During the interview, she was required to wear a short skirt without stockings. Flight attendant school included sessions on hair, makeup and comportment. During flights, the cabin manager inspected the attendants to make sure they were wearing the right color of nail polish and had their aprons properly ironed.

But mainly the article talks about how important flight attendants are for passenger safety. As first responders they are trained in fire fighting and all sorts of rescue techniques. It’s pretty impressive. One thing I have not heard about was how much (or little) passengers in the emergency exit row helped out the flight attendants.

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