Cemetery tourism in India

I went through a goth-like phase in my late teens / early twenties and visited a few cemeteries. And some are considered tourist attractions by the mainstream, like a couple I’ve mentioned on this blog:

Rome: excavations under St. Peter’s Basilica

The Zentralfriedhof (Central Cemetery) in Vienna

Paris: Pere LeChaise cemetery

I think the Vienna one is the only one I wrote myself and I don’t even remember writing it so maybe not. Anyway, I mention these old articles because of this new one on India promoting cemetery tourism. They don’t seem to have the celebrity thing to attract tourists so they are going for the genealogical traveler:

According to the Bacsa website, there are some 2 million Europeans buried on the Indian subcontinent alone. “Cemetery tourism is becoming more popular in India. With more information online, people are finding they have ancestors buried in India and want to see their graves,” said Dr Rosie Llewellyn-Jones, chowkidar editor and honorary secretary of Bacsa, recently to a website.

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