Chako Paul City (the northern Swedish town full of sex-crazed lesbians)

This story is pretty funny. It seems Chinese media ran a story on Chako Paul City in northern Sweden:

Many of the town’s female residents became lesbians “because they could not suppress their sexual needs”, Chinese news service Harbin News reports.

The myth has been embraced by the Chinese media, with millions of men crippling the country’s internet providers trying to find out how to get to the town.

Of course visiting Chako Paul City also has a cultural element (a medieval castle) and an element of risk (Swedish police are very protective of their beautiful blonde lesbians).

Anyone know where this story might have come from? I think this is the first mention of it outside of China, so far as I know anyway. Maybe someone working for Harbin news in China felt like playing a little joke on every man in the country?

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