Cheap hotel if you can sleep on the floor, close to home vacations, and resorts you can trust with your infant

Here are some things I meant to blog about a while ago but got lost…

First, a sale for those of you who are traveling to San Diego with a sleeping bag:

– Deluxe accommodations

– Breakfast for two

$219 per night*


– $199 without breakfast

– $179 without honor bar

– $159 without A/C or heat

– $139 without pillows

– $109 without sheets

– $89 without lights

– $59 without linens

– $39 without toiletries

– $19 without bed

Here’s some advice on infant friendly resorts since you can’t always leave you baby behind when you go on vacation.

Lastly, here’s an article on close to home vacations that are not quite staycations. They typically involve a nearby restaurant, hotel, and spa. I don’t know – I suppose if you throw in a show it would be a lot nicer. Otherwise if you’re saving money you might as well camp out in your backyard roasting marshamallows and making smores. Personally, I’ll be taking the nerdy route and trying the medieval campsite experience with a bunch of other nerds in costume. I just got my 32 pound stainless steel scale armor suit in the mail (won it on Ebay) so my costume is all set…

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