Children should sit in the back

An important article for those who travel by car with children from Earthtimes:

A research sponsored by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the American Academy of Pediatrics and State Farm, stated that children were safer in the rear seat of a car in the event of a car accident as compared to the front seat. In fact, possibilities of getting injured in a crash were significantly reduced if a child sat in the back seat and duly used the seat belt. States like Illinois have gone a step ahead in ensuring children’s car safety by introducing booster seat laws along with specific seat belt laws for children.

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  1. ramebrghoty says:


  2. Rebecca says:

    I thought that the kids would be safer in the back sit in the middle. but i dont understand why the perants cant have common sense. they should know that all kids should be in the back even if they want to make them happy and even if they beg. i am a new parent and i know now how much my daughter means to me.. they need to sit in back.

  3. Tony says:

    Small children should definately sit in the back seat where they are away from harm in most cases and less of a distraction for the person driving the vehicle.

  4. Katie says:

    Since this was filed under travel, why can’t all children be seated in the back of the plane! There’s nothing worse than being trapped in an airplane next to someone’s screaming, fussy, crappy-smelling infant with NO ESCAPE. In fact, if cargo holds were made safe, I’m all for putting them down there where they can scream their heads off to their widdle heart’s content, and the oblivious parents can zone out together. Is it asking so much for parents to gently dope a child on an hours long flight? Aspirin or even a mild hit of cough syrup would please everyone IF children MUST be taken on flights at all. Not everyone likes babies or their noises, and in fact not everyone likes toddlers or under-10s and their ramblings and endless monologues. Dope up your kids before you fly, parents, and do everyone a favor. Silence is GOLDEN, especially on airplanes!

  5. James Trotta says:

    I hear you Katie. My wife and I volunteered to bring some adopted babies from Seould to New York. 17 hours after we left, we were dirtier (I got thrown up on) and more tired than we had ever been after flying.

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