China refuses to pay Europe’s carbon fee

I actually read a few versions of this same story. Compared to other articles I read on the same topic, this one does contain something I found interesting and only in this one – that China says airplane manufacturers should be held accountable for airline pollution rather than airlines themselves. The idea isn’t developed, however; the author does not provide insight or a relevant quote. Another undeveloped idea is that if we see an “escalation of conflict” between China and Europe there would be “implications for the world.” Nothing on what those might be other than the possibility of China refusing to buy Airbus planes.

For a little background information we turn to the AFP:

The EU launched the ETS in 2005 in a bid to reduce carbon emissions of power stations and industrial plants.

It decided to include airlines, responsible for three percent of global emissions, in the system in the absence of a global agreement to cap aviation emissions.

Under the EU scheme, airlines will have to pay for 15 percent of the polluting rights accorded to them in 2012, the figure then rising to 18 percent between 2013 and 2020.

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