Christmas in Rome

As long time readers may know, I’m working toward my dream of buying an apartment in Rome. So I thought I’d check out the latest news in the Eternal City to see what I’m missing.

The first story I found was about people putting wishlists on the Chrismas tree in Termini (Rome’s transportation hub). If I were in Rome now, my list would be up there.

I don’t like to dwell on bad news, but have to mention this Newsweek article on maintaining Rome. Berlusconi is accused of cutting support on preservation and the arts while conuing to support profitable soccer teams and national TV stations (in which the prime minister holds personal stakes) with generous subsidies.

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  1. Thresa Greeno says:

    I wish that my mom & sister would stop fighting & to get a long together but I try so hard to get them to talk & I am in the middle of it & I tell my sis call mom she say no tell her to call frist. But thay bouth say no to me so I call back to them so I gave up it was a big joke to me to see if it would work to get them two to talk. I thouht it would work but no way so what is wrong with them & why is it that thay have to fight like thay do.why can,nt I make them stop & just be friend. What can I do for them to make it work?

  2. James Trotta says:

    Alright, we can post our Christmas wishes here. I wish that US immigration would get their act together as my wife and I have been waiting for a new green card (the old one expired) for 2 years now…

  3. Rome Visitor says:

    Please keep politics out of these travel logs. I don’t care what Berlusconi does from a business standpoint. I only appreciate that he has been a U.S. supporter in the War in Iraq.

  4. linda pinkowski says:

    i am praying for all the worlds families to reunite in love and peace, it is possible I am also praying for war to end it is possible so merry Christmas to all and an awesom new and wonderful year

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