Christmas seems to arrive earlier each year (Christmas themed travel ideas)

I enjoy Christmas as much as the next person (unless the next person is the Grinch!) but isn’t mid-November a little bit too early to be celebrating the season? One of my local radio stations (in North Carolina) usually starts playing non-stop Christmas music around the beginning of November (due to popular demand, apparently) and I suspect that the Christmas tree outside my local mall will be put up in a few days.

I personally think Christmas should not start until December 1st. But if you really are one of those people who like to celebrate Christmas year round, here are some places that might be fun to visit…

Spencer County, Indiana

Perhaps the ultimate year-round Christmas destination. Spencer County is home to the small town of Santa Claus which lives up to its name with a museum, post office and theme park dedicated to the great man. These attractions are all open year round. Spencer County was also the boyhood home of Abraham Lincoln, although he has been somewhat overshadowed by Santa Claus.

Kathe Wohlfahrt’s Christmas shop, Rothenburg, Germany

There are plenty of shops that sell Christmas ornaments and decorations year round, but this is probably one of the biggest and best. The shop sells Christmas decorations of all kinds, including some beautiful handmade wooden ornaments. There is also a small Christmas museum on the premises and at Christmas, the shop puts on special exhibits (and sells more decorations as well, I imagine) Here are some photographs of the shop and some of its wonderful displays.

Elkhorn, Wisconsin

If this town looks somewhat familiar, apparently it has been the inspiration for many Christmas cards over the years. In fact, Elkhorn is known as the “Christmas Card town” and has an exhibition of Christmas cards on display year round at the Chamber of Commerce.

Bronner’s Christmas Store

This establishment in Frankenmuth, Michigan calls itself the world’s largest Christmas store, and covers an area of over five football fields. They offer over 50,000 different decorations, lights and ornaments. Bronner’s also has a memorial chapel and features nightly displays of Christmas lights. Every year, over 2 million people visit the store, which is open year round — but closed on Christmas Day.

Anyway, if you are celebrating Christmas six weeks early — Merry Christmas!

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  1. Linda Bator says:

    Frankenmuth MI is also home to the world’s best chicken dinners – German style. A great place to go for a weekend getaway, the area also boasts an outlet mall and local shops which have local meats, cheeses and wines – uniques gifts in and of themselves – just toss in a few Bronner’s gifts and you’re all set!

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