Combining travel and genealogy

The Wichita Eagle goes over several must-see vacation destinations including the Pyramids, paragliding over the Alps, 1st class on an Air France flight, and also talks about genealogy travel:

Tom, a public relations expert from Connecticut, says that his favorite travel moments come from combining travel and genealogy. “It’s impossible to put into words what these experiences are like, but there’s an exhilaration that you’ll never experience from simply reading about your family history. It brings travel to a uniquely personal level, and it helps forge a real sense of connection with your past.”

Tom’s best memories are of exploring the English-Scottish borderlands where his clan originated more than seven hundred years ago, and standing in Carlisle Cathedral in England where his great-great-great-great grandparents eloped in the early 1800s. He then located their graves in an abandoned churchyard on the coast of Maine where they survived a shipwreck upon their arrival in the U.S. in 1819.

That is a unique, meaningful travel experience. For me, genealogy travel could include Ireland, Italy, and Germany. I guess I’m worried about arriving somewhere with no real research plan, not knowing genealogical sources for Americans. I suppose the way to go would be to have a genealogist complete the research for you before you ever leave for America and then create a travel plan based on that research.

I found that has a free trial, but I haven’t tried it yet. They do Ireland (plus England and Scotland). OneGreatFamily also has a free trial and their website looks very professional.

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  1. Loella Barilleau says:

    Doing Gen and traveling together is definitely a plus for anyone…I went cold turkey to Ustica,Sicily when I was on a tour with Grand Circle…our guide made the ferry reservations for me and my hubby for one of the days we did not want to tour with the group…believe me it changed my life….I found numerous cousins in Louisiana and California because while there a kind gentlemen who spoke no real English understood what I was saying about wanting to find my grandparents or greatgrandparents…he took me to everyone he knew who could speak a little english…but the last person of all was the man who gave me the website for our ancestors who migrated to Louisiana…Chris Caravella had set up a beautiful website and I was able to find my kin from the past and many current ones…Seven of us are going back to Ustica this Sept.2006 just so we can get the feel of the island…

    Loella F.Barilleau

  2. James Trotta says:

    Loella – That’s great and inspirational. Thank you for sharing your story.

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