Corfu and Albania travel plan

This is a week long travel guide to the Greek Island of Corfu and a short stop in nearby country Albania written by Mark Hart.

Day 1.

Arrive at Corfu airport on the outskirts of the Capital of the Island – Corfu Town (Kerkira). Before departing for our hotel in the Nothern town of Sidari we spent the afternoon chilling in the small narrow market streets of the Town. First thing we notice is how cheap everything is and how friendly the locals are.

Day 2.

Spend the day in Sidari. This is the town where we are staying and is surrounded by some excellent beaches. There are also lots of nice coastal walks you can do to see some absolutely amazing views. There are plenty of restaurants which provide live entertainment, Two worth visiting are ‘The Three Pigs’ and ‘Sea Garden’ – both had fantastic ‘Greek’ Nights well worth going to because we got a taste of the local culture.

Day 3.

There are organised trips from Sidari to Neighbouring country, Albania. A short trip on a boat saw is docking in Saranda. From here we went on a small trip to Butrint, and you really get a taste of life in Albania. The country has come through a very difficult period and only since 1990 has it been ‘open’ to tourists – it is now working hard to make a stable economy and improve its standard of living and has taken huge leaps forward.

Day 4

We hired a car and drove down to Corfu Town again as there was too much to see on Day 1. The town has been influenced by so many different countries and cultures and you can see the varying style of architecture as you move throughout the town. It has one main beach which was fairly busy but nice. There is also a beautiful dock area where you can just sit and watch the world go by.

Day 5.

Day 5 saw us driving down to Kavos – on the south coast of the island (you can drive the length of the island in just over an hour). Kavos is the ‘party’ town on the island and is full of younger holiday makers. Worth a visit if you are looking for a lively nightlife although the beaches are not as nice as elsewhere on the island.

Day 6.

We drove up to the area on the North-West of the island – known as ‘Bella Vista’ or ‘Beautiful View’. And it really is a beautiful view. There is restaurant right at the top of the mountain with a balcony looking over the cliffs and sea and it truly is breathtaking. You simply cannot go to Corfu without seeing this view.

Day 7.

We ended the vacation by going on the Grand Island Tour. This was a coach trip around the island taking in all the local scenery and monuments, including mouse island and a tour round a very old monastery – it made for a very interesting day and was the perfect way to say Goodbye to the island.

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