Costa Rica: Resort suite by Arenal or organized tour?

Both of the articles I’ll talk about here are more like ads but as long as we recognize the newspapers might be trying to sell us something I think we can look at the articles somewhat objectively.

I don’t have a week at Lost Iguana, but if I did this deal would be nice:

The Lost Iguana Resort & Spa is on the edge of the Arenal Volcano. This 42-room property also has a Golden Gecko Spa. For $999 per person, the Pura Vida package, you get a luxury suite (usually $255 a night), a $500 spa credit (its most expensive treatments are $120, which means you can have several treatments in your week), your meals at the Blue Hibiscus (excluding alcohol), a zipline adventure and an evening nature tour.

My 2 days are costing about $440 but I think that only includes some meals. Also, that’s for the room, not per person.

I don’t see the special on Lost Iguana’s site. It was reported here.

Here’s another article about Costa Rica. This is a 10 day tour for $995.

Since both these trips are the same price, I’d say it’s a pretty tough choice. A week in the resort overlooking the volcano and relaxing or the more active see a few different parts of Costa Rica in an organized tour?

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  1. Brniidgirl says:

    I have stayed twice at the Lost Iguana and it was an absolutely beautiful place. I loved the time I was visiting but could not do a week there. I have to say I can’t sit still when I’m on vacation so a more active trip fits me better.

    Taking a look at the active trip, I’ve been to all those places on my own without a guide, it sounds great if guided tours are your way to go. (I did not like Manual Antonio at all)

    Just .02 worth – Good travels

  2. […] takes around three hours to get from San Jose to Arenal, so you’ll need an early start. The route is a fairly easy one, but be aware that roads […]

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