Cruise ship captain on removing passengers from a ship

Here we are on day 6 of the cruise. While my coming review will contain all the negative things I can think of I have already put a deposit down on my next NCL cruise so obviously I am having fun. I should add that this cruise going real well is not the only reason I decided to do another as I have at least $500 off on my next one thanks to my NCL credit card.

Anyway, people often get fooled by my reviews when I say I’m having fun and then list a bunch of negatives. I get comments like “Too bad you’re not enjoying your vacation” when I’m actually having a great time. I guess it’s just my style to warn people of all the things that they might not like (well as many as I can remember or think of). Too many reviews are just “Oh we enjoyed it and you will too” – I prefer to give as many details as possible because that’s what I like to see when I read reviews.

Anyway, I owe you some from earlier days but left off at day 5, on my way to have dinner with the captain. I was very surprised to see that the dinner party was my wife and I, another couple (who celebrate their 30th anniversary on the exact same day we celebrate our 7th), the captain, and the chief engineer.

That dinner was easily one of the highlights of the trip and afterwards I told my wife it’s a good thing I have this blog – this travel blog is what got me VIP treatment. Thanks for reading!

I learned a lot of things but let’s do one for now. Remember a while back when I criticized a cruise line because their captain kicked a couple off the cruise? Well that’s the only time I ever saw anything like that in the news so I asked our captain if he had ever removed a passenger from a cruise.

He answered that he had – it’s rare but it does happen. Naturally they try to avoid this whenever possible but cruise captains can and will kick you off their ship if you deserve it. They’ll try to have security or a senior officer besides the captain talk to you first. The captain said he did have one story he could share in part (no details) about a time when he had to remove someone from a ship.

I don’t know what the incident was but afterwards the captain talked to the passenger and she apologized. She said she’d behave better. He asked her if she had planned to behave this way when she boarded. She said, “of course not.” Then the captain asked, “What if the same situation occurs tomorrow? How can I know that you won’t behave the same way again?”

He asked her to leave the ship. I can tell that this decision still bothers him today even though he knows it was the right one. Apparently he talked to someone from the woman’s hotel and she had continued her pattern of misbehavior.

I have to add here that the captain is very charismatic. After talking to him I have no doubt that he is honest, compassionate, and that he is smart enough to figure out what’s best for the ship. If someone gets kicked off a cruise ship I guess they deserve it. And if you ever get a warning while on a cruise, don’t rebel.

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  1. Ruffzan says:

    I was on a 12 day cruise that included Italy and Croatia, the cruise line was Royal Carribean we were at the boat drill, where every one stands on deck in their life vests. At the begining of the drill they stated that when the Captain says the drill is completed you can leave, so after the drill and several other lengthy annoucements the Captain came on and said this concludes our drill. I started to walk away and I felt a hand forcefully grab my upper arm from behind. I turned around to find a ship employee firmly grasping me. I am a big guy and needless to say I in return removed my arm from his grasp by camly pulling my arm away, I then told him not to put his hands on me, he then told me since this was a safety issue he could put his hands on me and have me thrown from the boat. Now his concern that I would miss the rest of the Captains speech and since I was told I could leave when the Captain said it was over all became moot once he crossed the line and put his hands on me. I calmed down because my wife was very concerned about ending our trip right there. later that day I went to complain and low and behold the “Hotel manager” that was to take my complaint was the same guy that grabbed me. He started to chastise me in an extremely loud voice as soon as I walked into his office, I told him to get the Captain if he was uncapable of settling this like an adult. The change in this mans demeanor was immediate and he “in a passive agressive manner” apologized for grabbing me and we left on semi-mutual respectful terms.

    I had a great time with my wife but will always be let down that an R.C employee would let a situation escalate that far and become violent.

  2. Delana Garner says:

    I have really enjoyed your blog. very easy to read and honest. We Have traveled with NCL and they were great. My mother was dying of Lung Cancer and had to have 24 Hr. O2 and was bound to a wheel chair. They made all arrangements for her and accompanied us completely for all excursions into the cities. She was even able to use the Tenure boat that got us to the shore in Cancun. What we enjoyed was the Free-style dining experience due to her being handicapped and not being able to maybe one evening make a certain time of dining expectation. Our ship had an Ice Cream Parlor available during peak hours of the ship which was great due to her being able to eat that easily when she was not able to chew and breathe at times, normal food. My family and I made a bet as to whoever gained the most weight on the cruise would be responsible for cooking all meals for the next two weeks. My mother gained 5 lbs. However, we didn’t make her follow through. We cruised in November and she died in February. To look at her she never looked sick with the dreadful disease Cancer, she was only 56 yrs. old. I thanked the Staff because that cruise was very fulfilling to her spirit in the last days of her life.

    I would love to read of your other traveling experiences.

    Thank you,

    Delana Garner

  3. James Trotta says:

    Thank you for sharing Delana. I really like hearing heartwarming travel stories – that’s kind of travel at its finest.

    I’m sure if you keep reading my blog you’ll find more travel experiences – mine and others’ experiences. You could also look back at some of the older entries for more travel experiences. Don’t go back too far as my blog was pretty bad when I started 5 or so years ago.

    Ruffzan – that is a disturbing story. The hotel manager is a pretty high ranking guy. If he had started a fight and then blamed you… It’s a good thing you kept your cool.

    Of the officers on the Norwegian Pearl, I’ve mostly talked to the chief engineer and the captain. I’d like to think that they represent the quality of NCL officers because they are both really great people. I’m sure the hotel manager here is also a high quality person.

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