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Travelers frequently choose cruise ships for their vacations as an opportunity to relax and avoid the crowds at airports and the frustration of delayed or cancelled flights. They take advantage of package deals, upgrades, and other rewards for cruise ship travel. Almost everyone has heard about or is enrolled in some type of frequent flier program, where they earn rewards for airline travel, but not as many may be familiar with the rewards associated with earning sea miles.

Some cruise ship lines including NCL, Disney, Princess, and Carnival do offer rewards, but only when booked on one of their ships. So, what happens when you want to take a cruise on a different cruise line such as Crystal, Regent, Royal Caribbean, Oceania, Costa, Celebrity, Cunard, or one of the others. The SeaMiles Visa credit card may be the answer. With the SeaMiles card, you can travel on any cruise ship any time and get credit for every sea mile traveled. In addition, you can earn miles for river cruises such as on AMAwaterways, for luxury travel on the Yachts of Seabourne or Windstar, or for reliving the past onboard a Star Clippers sailing ship.

We will give you an idea of what the SeaMiles Visa® offers, but more details and customer support can be found online at

Basically, you earn 4% cash back for every booking and 4 sea miles for every $1 you spend. After your first cruise, you’ll be awarded 5,000 sea miles and 2 sea miles for every $1 spent onboard the ship. In addition, you can earn 2 more sea miles for every $1 spent on airline, hotel, or rental car bookings when made through SeaMiles. For example, 5,000 miles = $50, 10,000 = $100, 40,000 = $400 + 100 bonus credit, etc. The complete conversion table of miles to dollars is also listed on the website. These rewards can be used on your next cruise, or for airline and hotel bookings. Another plus to the SeaMiles card is that there are no restrictions or limits on what you can earn or redeem, although sea miles do expire after 5 years. Redemption is easy and can be done online, Mon – Fri, 9-5pm. If you have any questions, you can reach SeaMiles at 1-877-732-6453.

You can contact any one of the travel agents listed on the website, from NY to California, as well as in the UK, or you can book directly through the cruise line with your SeaMiles card. Rates are guaranteed at the lowest rates available, but if you find a lower rate for the cruise within 48 hours, SeaMiles will make the adjustment.

With a reasonable APR of 13.24% and no annual fee, you might want to consider the SeaMiles Visa® card for your cruise ship travel.

Sharon L Slayton

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