Day 3: trying to decide on taking an excursion

Sirenis continues to impress and my wife and I are trying to decide if we should do one of the excursions. We don’t see the need really because we’re having a very good vacation just sticking around the resort.

Today we woke up at 8:30 because our wake up call never came. We easily found a spot with shade, actually the same one I got an hour earlier yesterday morning. This was surprising because starting Friday night the resort seemed to start getting more crowded.

After breakfast we took a 30 minute Spanish lesson. I won’t bore you with the details but speaking as a linguist I wasn’t impressed with the teaching. Nevertheless I’m returning tomorrow.

Then my wife hit the beach and I hit the gym. We didn’t meet up again until 12:30 or so. We spent a little time together on the beach and then got lunch. As always the food was fine though my ham steaks were a bit salty. I ate a bunch of them anyway since I’m on a high protein diet.

After lunch we went swimming in the pool. There are always kids splashing abput in the parts of the pool with shade. If you’re willing to hang out in the sun it’s easier to avoid them.

I don’t like sun so I endured. There’s a swim-up bar in the shade. My wife and I generally don’t drink but I’ve probably tried 5 or 6 different cocktails since I’ve arrived here. They’ve all been good. When I get a black russion here it’s bigger than you get for $6 in a regular bar. They may use no name liquor but I don’t taste any difference…

Then we went to the beach for a while longer and then to the spa. I had to pick my seat in the sauna carefully because there was a topless woman in there and I didn’t want to look.

American parents might consider this before bringing children here. There are certainly some cultural differences evident. Today my wife and I were surprised to see a topless mommy putting sunscreen on her kid. How many American males see their mom’s breasts after they are (I’m not sure) 3? This kid was at least school age I’d guess…

Anyway, cultural differences are part of traveling.

We definitley like the big jacuzzi style bath here. After the spa we went the steakhouse for dinner at 6:30. It was good. My wife had the sirloin and I had chimichurri or something like that (beef tenderloin apparently). Those were the only steaks on the menu. They also had ribs, BBQ chicken, hamburger, and a few other choices.

I’m not sure it’s so much better than the other restaurants but there’s no denying it’s the most popular and the hardest to reserve. When I think about how well we eat here, Sirenis is an excellent value. My all-inclusive in Cancun wasn’t serving food half this good and it wasn’t any cheaper…

After dinner we hung around on the beach for a while and then in our room. Then we went to the buffet around 9:00 so I could get some more protein. I ate a lot of turkey while my wife found some big shrimp or something and some passion fruit (we think).

Well we have to go relax in order to stay up late enough to visit the disco tonight. I’ll tell you if we made it when I blog tomorrow.

It looks like we won’t be doing any excursions but I’ll let you know about that if we decide for sure.

Is there anything anyone wants to know before I leve Sirenis?

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  1. jim williams says:

    You seem to bitch alot!! You are on vacation, enjoy it and make the best of it.

  2. kathy says:

    How much did you pay per person? maybe you are expecting a LOT more than what you paid for.

  3. ray anderson says:

    What excursions are available around Sirenis?

    Is there any decent snorkeling?

    Does the resort have sailboats or windsurfboards?

  4. Jenise Dugger says:

    I’ve been to Punta Cana, DR and had a wonderful time. If sun, drinks, buffet dining or international culture isn’t your thing why didn’t you do some more research before booking this vacation? Much less, making it your final destination?

  5. angie says:

    you need to go on the snorkel tour it is wonderful!!!….so much sea life to see…have fun and relax and enjoy you self…….

  6. James Trotta says:

    Did I not say “Sirenis continues to impress”? Why do people think I’m unhappy?

    It’s certainly true that I’m mentioning a lot of small things – these are notes for my upcoming review after all.

    Thank you for the questions. I could answer most now but I am on vacation so I’ll wait. Please stay tuned – the answers should be in my final review.

  7. stan says:

    I am not sure about your trip – You are in the tropics, but don’t like sun, and the food issues. You are at an all-inclusive in a foreign country. The food will be different than you are accustomed, but buck up. People always seem to want to find faults instead of taking in the differences. Maybe a spa vacation would have been better suited, as you only appear to desire your protein.

  8. James Trotta says:

    I’ll have to read what I wrote again to figure out how I confused everyone. I love the food here. I’m getting my protein and my complex carbs. My only complaint might be that I’m getting too much sugar but I have a sweet tooth and I can’t complain about the deserts being good…

    And I do like the tropics but burn easily. I’ve had no trouble laying in the shade on the beach and napping…

  9. Sharon says:

    You’ve mentioned finding shade several times and I’m wondering if they didn’t have palapas there? Many resorts have these on the beach, some with lounge chairs or hammocks, great for being out of direct sun and spending more time by the ocean. Often, the beach or poolside bars are built within a palapa. Or, did you rely on finding a palm tree for shade?

    One more question…was there any type of shopping arcade in the resort, or gift shops?

  10. James Trotta says:

    I called them huts, but they probably are palapas (no walls). Yes, there were several man made shade spots. Most palm trees were trimmed and offered no shade, but there was one are where there were lots of full trees and they did shade people like me.

    These shady areas always fill up – that’s why people claim them in the morning.

    Certainly, though, many Europeans go there to get tan. We saw some very tan people.

    There were a few people selling things in the resort (cheap-looking jewelry, cigars, banana leaf hats). There were also a few shops on either side of the resort as you walked along the beach.

    My wife loves shopping, but sales people in the Dominican Republic, while always friendly, are also good at pressuring you into buying. Even my wife didn’t want to do much shopping there.

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