Day 4 in Sirenis Punta Cana

Well we managed to stay up late enough to visist the disco last night. It was pretty different from any nightclub I’ve ever seen. The dance floor was a circle with a wall around it. People would hang out by the wall and watch the dancers.

The dancers were very skilled – I think they were dancing merengue to the Spanish langugae dance songs being played. I tried tog et my wife to try it out, but she knows how bad a dancer I am and the people out there really seemed to have had a lot of practice. No doubt she saved me from looking like a dancing fool (any Frank Zappa fans catch the reference there?).

We also went to the beach last night to reserve some good lounge chairs in the sahde. I wanted to wake up early to do this – going at night felt like cheating somehow. But we did it at night and it worked; we had a nice spot today.

So today was much like other days. Breakfast, Spanish lesson (painful for a professional educator), exercise (the trainer in the gym is very friendly and he really knows his stuff), lunch, beach, lunch, pool, beach, spa, snack, dinner. I think I got the order right there.

Dinner was in the crepe restaurant, which was an interesting experience for me. I had seen my grandmother get crepes in IHOP when I was in college, but never really experienced them for myself. As always, dinner was good. I had the soup with tortillas – the best soup I’ve had here at Sirenis by far. Then a chicken crepe and a crepe suzet for desert. My wife liked her Sirenis crepe and her desert, a crepe with caramel and ice cream.

I’m really impressed with the food here at Sirenis. The buffet is pretty luxurious (for our snack before dinner tonight we had prosciutto). Then there are the restaurants including Chinese, seafood, vegetarian, steak, crepe, Italian, Mexican, and one other that I plan on checking out tomorrow). You really can’t get bored with the food here.

We also tried a new drink, blended cherry brandy (cherry brandy, freshly squeezed lime juice, ice, mix it all in a blender). It’s great tasting, cool, tropical-looking, and just perfect for us here in Punta Cana on the beach.

Speaking of drinks, my wife has been struggling with the coffee and cappuccino our whole stay. The coffee is very very strong so she always asks for half coffee and then just extra hot water. Even then it can be too strong for her. That’s tough for someone who relies heavily on coffee. The cappuccino on the other hand is too sweet.

That’s about all I have to tell you about today. Except to note that we still haven’t gone for our night swim. We could, but my wife hasn’t felt like it and I don’t enjoy it much alone. It’s just funny that I tried so hard to find a resort that permits night swimming, ended up in one accidentally, and now haven’t done it…

Tomorrow I might be a bit more active as I try to do some activities I’ve been skipping in order to write a more complete review.

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  1. Sharon says:

    The vacation sounds great! I would have loved the Latin music, having grown up on Aruba. You and your wife should have tried it! (dancing fool or not…:-) As far as the food, was it served with salsa or spicy at all? I asume the caldo de pollo was chicken soup with corn tortillas..very popular here in Texas and of course Mexico. Do they serve primarily corn rather than flour tortillas? Tropical drinks are usually very good, made with fresh fruit for the most part. Rum, as well as brandy, is often used, as in a cuba libre. Anyway,looking forward to your full review. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

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