Disney timeshares at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Some friends of mine have a timeshare at one of the Disney Resorts. They go every year with their daughter and usually invite my parents. That’s one nice thing about timeshares now that I think about it; you can invite your friends and offer them a place to stay (presuming your timeshare property has an extra bedroom or two).

Anyway, Disney is adding timeshares to their Animal Kingdom Lodge. A commenter named Emily left an interesting blurb about Animal Kingdom Lodge on this post reviewing Disney resorts. Some of the new timeshares should be completed in fall 2007 and all should be done by spring 2009. At least some will have views of some of Disney’s African animals. Disney is also adding a restaurant, a gym, and of course a giftshop.

All together, Walt Disney World plans to build 456 new Disney Vacation Club units. Here are some previous posts from this blog on Disney and timeshares:

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Some previous timeshare posts: Vacation clubs with points instead of weeks, floating condos (where you can buy a timeshare on a ship), timeshare trouble (when properties close down and raise maintenance fees), and resale timeshares (read the comments – much better than my original post).

Well there are more, but I’ve been blogging for a long time and you can’t read it all in one day. Come back tomorrow!

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