Dog Cafe in Seoul named Bau Haus

Had an interesting experience today in Hongdae which is known as a party area in Seoul. We ate at a place called “On the Grill” and on our way out I noticed a sign for a dog cafe.

We went up to the third floor and walked in. We were greeted by about 25 dogs (We didn’t try to count), most of them barking at us. It was a very interesting experience. You can order drinks (beer, coffee, milkshakes, etc.) and buy dog treats if you want to be extra popular.

Apparently the owner has about 15 large dogs including a huge, beautiful Siberian Husky. The place also serves as a dog hotel and that’s where the little dogs come from: Yorkshire Terriers, Schnauzers, and so on.

As you eat, you have dogs by your feet, dogs on the couch with you, sometimes dogs on the table sniffing your drink. Or if you just came from a restaurant like we had, dogs licking your hands and trying to lick your lips. I had even washed my hands but apprently not well enough.

You can bring your own dog and we may bring one of our own next time but we do have reservations. The dog that’s sociable enough to come, the one we found on the street in June 2007, would want to run around with the other dogs. She’d be miserable at our table (unless we had dog treats I guess) and we’d have a hard time keeping her with us.

The problem with that is that when people start handing out dog treats all the dogs rush over there. Libby certainly would. I’m just a bit worried that our 5 pound Maltese would end up getting hurt hanging out with the big dogs as she scrambled for food.

Anyhow, if you’re looking for a different experience in Seoul, and you like dogs, Bau Haus gets a strong recommendation. It’s not the kind of place I’d stay long – we were there maybe half an hour – but it is fun and different.

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