Dog road trippers: advice needed on car sickeness

Reader question: We recently found out that our dog gets car sick on any rides more than 15 minutes, and especially if there’s a lot of stop-and-go involved. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to help the pooch deal with the car sickness? Is it just a matter of not feeding her till we get where we’re going or is there something we can do for her to make car rides more pleasant? She does enjoy riding in the car, but I would imagine it’s not fun to have that queasy feeling.

1. Many people report that keeping a window down helped:

We keep a window down and keep her calm during any car rides and that seems to do the trick. If the window goes up, so does her dinner. However please don’t let your dog hang its head out the window if you’re traveling in excess of 40 MPH. It’ not good for them and the potential for a high speed impact with a bug it increased.

2. Dramamine – Some vets actually recommend this and you’ll want to talk to one anyway to get an idea of the dosage you should be using:

The vet told us to give the dog Dramamine prior to car rides (for sea/motion sickness). I would consult your vet and see what they recommend in terms of medication/dosage. I would break up the pills so as not to give too much. This in addition to keeping the window down should help.

3. Ginger – it works for people who get seasick so why not dogs who get car sick?

most professionals recommend 1 100 mg capsule per 25 lbs of dog every 8 hours. Giving ginger cookies or ginger snaps is also effective.

4. Benadryl – One of my friends has a vet who suggested Benadryl and says he has been using it for years.

same time, I don’t like the idea of throwing off her routine by withholding her morning meal if we have a long car ride ahead of us.

5. Start them young

I’m picking up a puppy in GA This weekend. 650 mile ride home. He’ll be in the truck with me constantly for the next 3 months. Never had a problem over 30 years crossing the country. Just get them used to it right off the bat.

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  1. Galen says:

    Gingersnaps! Works wonders, I am a professional who has been working with dogs for 23 years. I know of what I speak.

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