Dogs doing well in Canisvill pet hotel

I’m very impressed with the level of personal attention our dogs (and us) are getting from the pet hotel (Canisvill near Incheon Airport). The owner speaks some English so that’s the first plus.

The second plus is that she gives us frequent updates in words and pictures. For example, we’re starting day 2 of our vacation and our dogs have this little dedicated gallery so we can see that they’re OK. There is a camera in the room but the recent floods and things in Korea knocked out some internet server somewhere so we can’t actually see our dogs on the webcam yet.

For 25 days or so we’re paying about $800 for the 2 dogs in a private room. I think this includes a significant (maybe 50%) discount for the long term stay but that’s exactly what we need – our vet doesn’t offer any discount for longer stays.

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  1. Julie says:

    I think you got at least $100 worth of awesome portraits of Mimi and Libby – the pictures the pet hotel posted are great! Looks like they are being well cared for!

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