Dubai: headed for a fall?

We’ve talked about Dubai which seems to be trying to survive as a high-end tourist destination. We also know that luxury travel is on the decline. This article talks about how the global recession is hitting Dubai.

Dubai certainly didn’t help itself when they refused to give Shahar Peer a visa.

But some people may overlook the issues to see stuff like this. At that website, click on “Dubai Project” – I can’t link to it directly. Here’s a collection of Dubai photos:

So, what do you think will happen to Dubai? Can the city get what it needs from tourism to justify the money spent on construction?

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  1. Jieun says:

    When I visited Dubai in 2005, I enjoyed the local markets and the night desert safari tour over luxurious hotels and shopping malls. It was amazing to see the belly dancers under the stars. Plus you get to skateboard on the sand hill and ride a camel.

    If Dubai not only concentrate on the constructions but also develop more desert tour resources, it can be a very attractive destination.

  2. Sharon says:

    The revolving dynamic tower is another example of their amazing, innovative architecture. From what I have read, they have outstanding marketing strategies for attracting major corporations, entrepreneurs, and those in the travel industry – a Middle East Tourism Summit to be held there this year. Wealthy Saudi families and those with money to spare will continue to travel to Dubai. As long as the airlines continue to fly there, and travel agents offer attractive options and packages,I see no real decline in Dubai tourism. It seems too that money is readily available, as they continue to build, and obviously feel justified in doing so.

  3. Erik says:

    Wretched excess at our expense. They’ve bled us dry for ages with high oil prices. now they’re crying that they have no money. I could not be more happy. I hope it becomes a ghost town. It would truly be karmic retribution!

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