Duksan Spa Castle water park: the good, the bad, and the so disgusting I’m almost too ashamed to write about it

Well we ended up having fun yesterday. That thick blanket I heard about never materialized so I slept on a very hard bed. What’s worse was that my “blanket” was actually some sort of bed decoration or something, about 6 feet long and 1 foot wide…

So I didn’t sleep that well. Around 8:00 AM or so we went to Dol Flower pension to meet the ladies so that they could cook for us. Don’t get too mad at me — I’m just going with the flow on this family vacation and it’s not uncommon for a Korean man to be totally helpless when it comes to preparing food. I know wives who won’t leave the house until they’ve prepared a sandwich or some meal for their husband. Sometimes even that’s not enough because the man won’t heat up a meal or anything. He either needs his wife to cook for him or he has to go eat in a restaurant. My father in law is like that.

So anyway, I eat breakfast and then nap until 11:00 or so. Even though Dol Flower has a bed I nap on the floor because one of our dogs recently had leg surgery and if I’m on the bed she’ll probably hurt her leg trying to join me.

Then we go for lunch in Duksan Spa Castle. I liked my beef stew but a lot of people weren’t happy with lunch there. We met up with my brother in law (he started this whole thing), his wife, and my nephew.

Then we went to the Duksan Spa Castle water park. The discounted price was about $40 each so it’s not cheap. They had a short water slide, a tube slide, and a “raft” ride. The raft ride was another $2 each. It was fun, but after paying $80 to get in I didn’t understand why there was only one decent ride and we had to pay another $4 to take it.

They had a wave pool/lagoon thing, where occasional strong waves would eventually blast you around in a circle through this lagoon. Tubes were mandatory, which was good since it was pretty packed and it’s better to have tubes smacking into each other than people…

The rides and wave area was all outside and there were tons of kids. Inside they had some adult only areas including a water massage thing that was very strong. I’m sure that if I had stayed there more than a few minutes the jets of water blasting my back around my kidneys would have done permanent damage. But there were plenty of people hanging out there for long stretches…

There were a couple of hurdles before I could even let myself have fun. This first one is absolutely disgusting so skip this paragraph if you’re not in the mood to read some nastiness. There were no shoes allowed in the water area, and you had to take them off and put them in lockers before you even got to the locker room to change and stuff. At first I thought this was just a bit nasty because of all the dirty feet I’d be sharing the ground with so was disappointed I wouldn’t be allowed to wear my sandals. What was really really nasty and disgusting though was that in order to use the bathroom in the locker room you had to step barefoot in puddles of piss. My wife said it was the same in the ladies’ room. It was the most disgusting thing I can remember doing my entire life.

The other hurdle, minor in comparison, was that you couldn’t enter the water without a shower cap. You could buy them for $3 each, but seriously everyone is walking into the pool to get the piss off their feet and they’re worried about shower caps?

But eventually I was able to forget about that stuff and the cost and just have a few hours of fun on the rides and in the wave pool. Then it was dinner (not so great), another night on the hard floor, and then we drove home the next day (today). After not sleeping real well the past couple of nights I am really looking forward to posting this thing and going to bed. It’s nice to be home!

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  1. Beno says:

    oh..wow! I thought some of the restroom conditions in state parks were bad.

    Now, I feel like that’s nothing compared to what you’ve experienced.

    In a lot of asian countries, the public restrooms are in this condition or much worse where you wouldn’t even be able to get 1 mile near the bathroom because of the odor.

  2. James Trotta says:

    I ahven’t really had a problem in Korea (until now), Japan, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, or Malaysia. But I don’t go looking for public bathrooms when I can help it either!

    This was probably the worst smelling bathroom I’ve been in Korea; generally any public restrorom in Korea will be OK (even the ones in subway stations – can you imagine if every subway station in New York had a bathroom? It would be a disaster but in Seoul it’s no problem).

    But going into any bathroom without shoes or something on your feet is just disgusting. This one was just extra disgusting. I still think it’s my most disgusting memory.

  3. Gu Yoon says:

    To Beno.

    Resolution -> The odors Public restrooms in Asia/pro

    Main Reason -> Odors can be horribe in public restrooms, but there seems to be a bit a exaggeration.


    1. Common Sense – Nobody likes odor; Nobody likes exaggeration either.

    2. Example(s) – Yes, I agree to the fact that the odor is horrible in many of the public restrooms in Asia. But as a current resident who is living here in Korea, you are able to find some decent restrooms from place to place. Recently, I’ve been to Hong Kong, Macau, and China. Like you said, some places the odor was horrible. But in some restrooms, they didn’t have any odors. Plus they had a mini TV showing commercials and a bidet. This wasn’t even in a hotel, but a public restroom! Sure, there are lot of places that I wouldn’t even dare to go, but I assure you that there are decent places to go. I’m sure that you haven’t found them yet, I guess.

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