Educating your kids on vacation

A 365 day working vacation for a couple of photographers and their kids resulted in some excellent learning experiences for the kids who were home-schooled for the year:

Meanwhile, they got to see what most of their fellow students at Pine View School for the Gifted will only read about. They saw the pyramids in Egypt and sat on the Great Wall of China. They learned about apartheid and then walked inside Nelson Mandela’s old prison cell.

“It was really interesting to see how he lived,” Alexa said.

“Learning about Islam by sitting in a mosque is more meaningful than learning about it at school,” Carlton said.

Of course these experiences can be equally meaningful to adults so it’s not only kids who need to learn about the world through experiencing it. But I can’t stop thinking that those kids have a big advantage thanks to their exposure to other countries and cultures.

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  1. K says:

    Travelling with responsible parents are always a good thing. We all learn to appreciate the differences in cultures, religions and local lifestyle. I have seen people respect other people and their cultures better, if they understand it better.

    And travelling has made me interested in History. A subject that I hated at school. 😉

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