Elizabethtown movie roadtrip: Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee

Having watched Elizabethtown, my wife and I might forget about the trip to Canada and do a US roadtrip instead. Here are a few places from the movie and then a few of my ideas thrown in.

Elizabethtown & Louisville, KY – If you go at the right time you could be in town for the Kentucky Derby. I’m not sure I like crowds or horse races enough to bother but Bluegrass Country would be nice. I can imagine driving down Old Farnkfort Pike or Paris Pike, visiting the Kentucky Horse Park north of Lexington, and eating dinner at the Beaumont Inn (in Harrodsburg, 30 miles southwest of Lexington), which is famous for its smoked ham dinners, biscuits, and corn pudding.

The hotel from the movie was the Brown Hotel which in downtown Louisville. Other than that I haven’t given any thought to accommodations and honestly don’t really care about staying in the Brown Hotel either.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas (big statue of Jesus and Dinosaur World) – Dinosaur World didn’t look like much so I suppose this part of the trip is not too critical. The statue looked cool, but having taught at catholic University statues of religious figures are nothing new to me.

Memphis, TN – Now here there is some amazing tourist attractions. You’ve got Graceland. Then you’ve got a number of famous rib places. In fact, “Memphis’s Rib Joints” gets its own entry in 1,000 Places To See Before You Die (so does Graceland, Kentucky’s Bluegrass country, and a few other things you’ll see here). Also, the Lorraine Motel where the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., MLK, was shot is in Memphis, TN. I’d like to see the museum there.

I’ve heard that the 2nd largest farmer’s market in the world was fabricated for the movie. If the information is correct, this can save roadtrippers a lot of time searching for something that can’t be found. I wonder where the biggest and second biggest farmer’s markets are anyway…

Here’s what I’m thinking as far as directions are concerned. It looks like I’ll leave from New York and drive southwest through Pennsylvania. It looks like I’ll be too far west to visit Philadelphia on the way, but half the point of roadtripping is not to travel in a straight line. We did have a contest submission about some things further west (kids stuff in PA) but I don’t know that any of those activities are getting me excited. We might pass through Harrisburg…

After leaving Pennsylvania but before reaching Kentucky, we could go south through Charelston, West Virginia or more west through Columbus, Ohio. Arkansas is west of Kentucky and I don’t have a compelling reason to go that way so after Kentucky I would go down to Tennessee.

As I start working my way back north, I’d take a route further east, possibly along the coast. I haven’t even started to think about which places to visit on the way back.

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